52 weeks of happy

oh these cold and dark December days!

these happy things of mine could equally read, my four survival things!

Oh boy, early nights, tucked up cosy, head on pretty pillows and a good read! not much swinging from the chandeliers going on here!

My advent star in the evenings, casts a pretty glow, adding some magic.

A colour hit from my wool basket, there's lots of elving going on at the moment.

and of course the view above my home town. I go up here almost everyday. It sure is cold. We wrap up and stomp along the top of the common, taking it all in. The wind blows out all the cobwebs! The fir trees have turned spectacular colours. Then it's back home to the warm to make coffee!

I wanted to show you something from the common,

This Hawthorne tree, (picture taken a few weeks ago), will become the local dog walkers christmas tree!

Over the next few weeks it will gradually get decorated with tinsel and baubles and cards and photos of peoples dogs! and a box is left underneath for donations of food and money, which goes to the local dogs home.

It's a sweet idea and it has become quite a landmark!

Yesterday I found the first piece of tinsel. I love the red! I'll show you more as time goes on.

Thank you for a great response to the give-away, if you haven't already entered you have until midnight on the 14th! U.K. time! on this post here.

Have a super cosy and fun weekend!



  1. what a great tradition!!! i'm happy to see the gradual decorations adding!!!
    thank you Heather!!!!
    xxxx Alessandra

  2. What a magical idea, I'm looking forward to seeing how the tree gets decorated! Love your basket of goodies! :) x

  3. I love the whole idea of the doggie Christmas tree! I'm already starting to think about where we could get one started in our village - and I haven't even got a dog! Yet! Plans for a puppy in the spring :)
    Angie x

  4. What a lovely idea ... it will be great to see it getting decorated ... Bee xx

  5. Lovely happies Heather - love the red star and red tinsel. Happy weekend xo

  6. What a charming idea the tree is
    I love your red star too!
    Best wishes

  7. Great happy things Heather. And I absolutely love the tree for the dogs charity - that's just brilliant. x

  8. That is a GORGEOUS red star, I love it... and that tree... just looking at and walking by that tree would make me happy, the bits that people put on it, how awesome is that?

  9. Beautiful star!! What a neat tree idea! Looking forward to seeing it! Happy weekend! xo Heather

  10. Love the idea of the dog walkers tree, how utterly gorgeous.