this morning

This morning I awoke to this amazing blue sky.

But I wanted to share that last night I had awoken in the night feeling unusually panicked, about christmas. A few, probably, slightly unfounded worries and the general worry about last posting days and such like.

It wasn't pleasant, heart racing with what ifs and what have yous! it's a shame to feel like this and I don't really know where it came from. Not having mastered a zen like approach to it, possibly my approach is to slightly ignore it, and then when it gets suitably close, freak out about the responsibility of it!

So with a slightly shaken demeanour this morning and not feeling quite hardy enough for the windy common I set out to visit the trees in the park. The blue sky and bright sunshine was just what I needed, soaking up all that vitamin D on my face!

and oh I was definitely seeking strength from this mighty British Oak tree here. Not quite tree hugging! but in much appreciation. This awesome trunk must measure at least 2 metres around, and has weathered many christmases. A truly strong tree!

I wonder how old? ....hundreds of years, maybe even 500 years old.

As I walked the stress began to fall away. Just breathing out in the fresh air and space. I need this so much.

The beautiful light over the pond and the swans. Isn't it magical?

Walking up past the museum in the park. Imagine when it was a stately home with it's own grounds and lake.


Up through the Canadian pines, I love these trees,
.....it all helped.

This evening I wondered through the town, the last half and hour of opening time, so lovely and calm.
I saw the christmas trees lit up inside the church, they even let me bring my dog in! It was a quiet and magical atmosphere inside. I hope I can carry some of this feeling through advent.

What about you,
How are you feeling today? are you okay?


  1. Hello Heather,
    What a lovely post, and what a beautful place you live in?
    The feelings you describe are so, so familiar, and its not just for christmas!!
    Sometimes its just life in general good and bad that can make me feel this way..don't worry you are not alone.
    Daisy xx

  2. It's just one day, and it doesn't have to be perfect! That tree looks brilliant! :)

  3. Beautiful photos Heather - you have some wonderful sights on your doorstep. I'm refusing to feel any panic about Christmas and am determined to enjoy the build up xo

  4. an amazing picturesque place you live.... feeling great....feeling excited...and relaxed at the same time!
    Bec x

  5. Lovely pictures Heather. It's wonderfully restorative to get out and enjoy nature isn't it. Hope you don't feel too stressed by the build up, we can put too much pressure on ourselves.
    Jacquie x

  6. beautiful trees!!! I love the evening atmosphere in your town!!!
    I'm tired, but not stressed....we'll see tomorrow!
    xxx ale

  7. Lovely photos of the trees! You are really blessed to be so close to nature! In my city, i can see only concrete buildings :)

  8. oh Heather your images are beautiful. I know how horrible panic attacks or anxiety can be... but there is a place for everything and you will be ok!!!!!!
    Today I feel inspired, invigorated, happy, and whole.

  9. Hi Heather. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog about the Christmas cards. It is really nice to do.
    But what a great pictures are these from you. And what if trees could talk, what a great stores we would get.
    Have a nice sunday, sweet Greet martine

  10. Yes, I am ok! :) Spent the morning playing under a huge snowfall, and I'm getting ready for Christmas! :)
    Your pics are absolutely stunning, thanks for sharing and big hugs from Sweden! :)

  11. Hi! I found my way here from Just a Little Less. :-)

    I find that taking a walk really helps to clear my mind, especially when I'm worried. And don't worry about Christmas--it's not the presents but the love behind them that matter.

    Bethany @ oursocalledlife.blog.com

  12. Nothing better than a walk outdoors to soothe the soul. Your town looks beautiful. And how adorable that your pooch was allowed to go inside the church!!

  13. Wonderful photos :) When I feel stressed I take a walk too...

  14. What a beautiful walk :) I hope you're feeling more positive now ... Christmas cause folk so much angst :(

  15. Funny how a walk can just calm us down and make us realise the really important things in life. Great photos.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  16. I'm sorry to read about you feeling panicky, but relieved your walk helped clear your thoughts a little. Christmas is such a busy time isn't it? But frosty mornings, space to inhale and get a bit closer to nature, and a bit of looking after yourself should never be forgone. Take it easy this week lovely lady!