lighting up

as the days grow foggier and frosty
and we approach the winter solstice,
we create our inner world and fill it with light and warmth,

it seems that we just need to keep on adding layer upon layer of light,
so that we will be alright!

first we had candles glowing,

then the fire was lit,

and now we have a string of lights!

haaaaa! that's me breathing out!! we so need these lights. I was waiting for the tree but I can't wait. Lights are needed now. The tree will be next. A little bit closer to the longest night and even shorter days.

fairy lights are making all the difference right now,
another layer added,
I've finally put some pictures up on my bare walls as well,
and you can see my little elving corner there,
so right now this is very much us.

and the next decoration on the dog walkers christmas tree has arrived! 

and just a reminder if anyone reading still hasn't entered my give-away you can do this here. Open until the 14th.

I hope you are finding warmth and light in your winter world today. 


  1. You have a beautiful home, the wood doors are gorgeous. I like how the british call them "fairy lights", we call the Christmas lights... merry Christmas!

  2. Fairy lights make a room so cosy don't they! :)

  3. Fairy lights are magic I believe :) I have them in my daughters room year round... I love thme and so does she!

    Sophie xo

  4. It looks absolutely wonderful! I'm craving lights too just now but after a change around in the living room in the summer and with only a twig tree (the dogs eat the needles if I buy the real thing) I have no idea where to put them, maybe around the window, we'll see.

  5. even here I put a lot of candles and fairy lights to feel much more the coming of Christmas!!!! no fire!!!
    xxx Ale

  6. Love fairy lights! I would like some for my bedroom, they create such a magical feel. Yours look so pretty.

  7. Love your fairy lights Heather ... we could all do with more lovely light at the minute ... enjoy your week ... Bee xx

  8. So pretty and what a neat fireplace!! Stay warm!! xo Heather

  9. I too couldn't wait to put up my fairy lights, and I am tempted to leave them up all through the winter. Your home looks very welcoming and cosy.

    Gillian x

  10. They look very pretty. I've just put up some fairy lights around the fireplace in our lounge as we still don't have our tree up. They do make the room look cozy. x

  11. Love your lights and your fire is great! don't see many in white :)

    Bee happy x

  12. Dog walkers Christmas tree??? How fantastic!

  13. Hello There,
    I just found your beautiful blog and can't stop reading. Every thing is so pretty around here. I Became your newest follower and look forward to your future posts.
    Lots of Love,
    Chloe from Lobley Cottage blog.

  14. Ooh love the doggie walkers Christmas tree! I agree as the days grow shorter and darker, Christmas comes along to brighten and cheer up our hearts a little..Your Christmas looks so pretty!
    Sending greetings of the season, love Maria x

  15. I love a house full of lights! :) There's a sense of peace and cozyness in your pics, love them! Big hugs!

  16. Fairy lights certainly brighten a place up!

    I love the idea of the dog walkers Christmas tree.