52 weeks of happy

hello how has the beginning of January been for you?

this morning, we had a sprinkling of pretty white snow. I wonder if we will have more later...., by the time I reached the common though, it was all a wee bit wet and muddy!.... nevermind, here's hoping we will see a bit more of the white sparkly stuff!

and now carrying on with my quite random 52 weeks of happy!

I have been making a custom order, cheery and bright is the order of the day. I am really enjoying working with the orange!

The last of my new years candle. It was a lovely soya wax, geranium scented candle which burn't with an orange glow, still very much needed in these January evenings. I'll keep the remaining wax and then when I have several I will melt them down again and add a new wick.

A glorious day on the common with lots of sunshine. Sitting on a bench and just soaking it up. This is selfcare. Blissfull. You can see the tree there now without it's decorations.

At home my January decoration, branches of catkins in a jug with some water, and hopefully the warmth of the house will bring some early spring buds to enjoy.

Today I have a vegetable and lentil soup bubbling on the stove, which is calling me, so I hope this week brings you some happy things,



  1. The orange does look rather lovely, really zingy.

  2. That crocheted blankie looks wonderfully cosy! Seems everywhere is getting snow today, so look out for it :-)
    Enjoy your soup,

  3. love love your "cushion"(?) !!!!!
    have a nice week, xxx Ale

  4. Very snowy here in Northamptonshire too, the first we've had this winter.
    I love your cheerful crochet, and I love your idea of bringing in some catkins too.
    Thank you for sharing your happies!
    Angie x

  5. Gorgeous crochet, I love the orange and grey together. Love the catkins in the jug too, they look very pretty. xx

  6. Lovely crochet Heather! I like the orange as well. It makes you happy, doesn't it?? X Jenn

  7. Your crochet is an inspiration to me! I can't wait until I can do something as beautiful! :) x

  8. lots of lovely things...the soup sounds delicious!

  9. Your crochet looks lovely! I like your use of the grey colour:)

  10. Love what you're working on, such a beautiful combination of colors!
    Catherine Denton

  11. Beautiful colors, and I love the grey!! xo Heather

  12. Beautiful photos Heather ... love the colours of your crochet and that soup sounds delicious ... Bee xx

  13. Hey Heather, wonderful things making you happy this week. The yellow and orange in the cushion reminds me of
    beautiful Daffodils and Jonquils, lovely sunny colours.
    Great view of the common, I think I would find it hard to leave such a picturesque spot.
    Love the sweet little jug your Catkins are in too.......

    Claire x

  14. All the 4 things made me smile, but especially the crochet work. Great eye and use of colors.Can't wait to see the finished product!

  15. It's so lovely reading your *happy* posts and I'm loving the colours of your crochet project, really pretty. Vegetable and lentil soup, perfect meal to go with snowy white landscapes!

  16. The crochet is looking nice, I like that orange with the grey very much. We had a little snow here too and I could really eat a bowl of that soup.

    Gillian x

  17. Your crochet looks so lovely - very warming and cheery.

    Nina x

  18. Your crochet is ace, speaking as a total beginner I am in awe, and I very much like the colours. Good job! Have a lovely week.

  19. Even though I'm a die hard lover of a neutral palette..I have been working with colour and it really is fun.
    Your order is looking fabulous. Have a great night, I'm in the mood to sit on the couch with my hook and yarn now...but I've a few more blogs to go. xo

    ciao bella
    Creative Carmelina

  20. ~ Happy crocheting days, Heather, just lovely!
    I am a loving your little bit of nature in such a pretty jug!
    Ooh Veg and Lentil Soup sounds perfect to cosy on down with...
    Keep warm and cosy, Brrrr, Jack Frost has been out and about here......
    With Kind Thoughts, Maria x