these snowy days

I have been,

saying hello to these friendly horses who watched us sledge,

finding community whilst out sledging on the local slopes,

keeping little doggy paws warm and out of the snow,

braving artic weather and freezing on the common,

touched by a special thank you note,

slipping and sliding through the pretty woods,

enjoying watching some warm nuzzling!

surprised at how quickly these daffodils opened,

enjoying warm frothy drinks and writing in my new Earth Pathways diary,

posting my now finished custom order,

and secretly trying the cushion on all my seats and wanting to keep it!

and making new beginnings again, more cushions!

what are you up to this week? 


  1. Hello Heather:
    The countryside all around you does look so very pretty in the snow. What a wonderful area in which to live and to be able to enjoy such marvellous walks away from traffic and busy streets. The Christmas Tree appeal was obviously a big success and is a comforting sign that there is a great community spirit where you are.

    The cushion is lovely. No, we should not want to part with it either. Still, while the snow lasts you have plenty of time to create more.....!!!

    We hope to see you at our blog at some point!

  2. Your pictures of the snowy countryside epitomise everything about the countryside in the depths of winter, including the charity and community spirit that should fill everyone's hearts as we all try to get through the cold & dark days.

    We at Crivnes cottage seem to be the only ones who haven't been out playing in it, but alas our eldest (3yrs) doesn't like nor dislike it and would rather stay in in front of the fire playing trains and puzzles and our youngest (1yr) doesn't understand. The back garden is a building site so not safe to play and we have used it as an excuse to have the fire on, drink hot chocolate and stay inside playing games, reading books and being together. Almost like Christmas but without the tree and presents.

    I would find it quite difficult to post that cushion off too, but at least you can always make one for yourself knowing that it is going no where.

    Hope you are all keeping safe and well,

  3. Still no snow here in Greenock - for which I am glad! Love your cushion, the colours are perfect together.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. Wow!! A real winter wonderland!! I have never experienced something like that. We are in our summer season right now and it has been extremely hot (+37degrC on average) but even in winter, we only have snow in the mountainous areas. In my part of the country (desert) it gets cold,
    ( -6degrC), but it's a dry, very windy, bone chilling cold. Your cold looks magical!!!!!
    Keep warm and cozy
    Love AMarie

  5. Love the crochet cushion, the colours are lovely. I live in the south east, and I have to say that the snow did'nt hang around for long, it seems to have missed our little section. My son unfortunately did'nt get a chance to really enjoy it as he was quite poorly. I made lots of white pompoms so he could play snowballs in doors ha! Lovely snow pictures, and those horses are beautiful... Karen x

  6. Love all your snowy pictures, Heather! Our snowy wellie walk took us to the village sledging slope too, and our granddaughter had her first ever go on a borrowed sledge. As you say, a great community spirit, all the village brought together to enjoy the snow and share the fun!
    Angie x

  7. The snowy landscape is looking good! Just enough snow, in my opinion:)
    We've had wonderful winterweather with sun and -8. Though, it feels a bit colder here by the fjord. We are still waiting for the snow.....
    Love your pillows:)

  8. Beautiful pictures.....beautiful cushion! :) x

  9. Your custom order is gorgeous - I can see why you wanted to keep it. That thank you note is very touching, it's lovely to know how generous people can be. We've been trying to stay warm and not slip in the slushy snow. :-)

    Gillian x

  10. What lovely photos Heather ... your custom cushion is beautiful ... I would have wanted to keep it too ... wishing you a lovely, warm weekend ... Bee xx

  11. Snow!!! I miss it!! But not the cold!!!!
    These horses are beautiful!!!
    xxxx Ale

  12. ...by the way : your cushion is beautiful!!!!
    xxx Ale

  13. You have been busy...but "delightfully bus"...love all your joys of the week. xo

  14. Beautiful pictures and I LOVE the crochet! Loved seeing and reading about your snow, something I haven't seen since 1983! I was born and raised in Michigan, but now live in Florida. I love your blog; it's one of my favorites.

  15. ~ I Love the 'Thank You' note too....~ The results of people's kindness for others! YOUR cushions are soo pretty...
    Love Maria x

  16. Wonderful photos, hard to imagine how cold it is as we are experiencing Summer......
    I'm sure the horses appreciate their coats. Love the bright Daffodils and your crochet....such cheery colours on dull days.
    The Christmas Tree appeal.....a wonderful idea and no doubt much needed by the animal sanctuary.

    Happy sledging....

    Claire :]

  17. The thank you note is very touching indeed... what a sweet idea...
    Love your cushion!
    Enjoy your weekend in that beautiful winter wonderland...

  18. Lovely photos in the snow, and the thank you note is touching; the dog walkers Christmas tree is a great idea!