hello February

what's that I hear you ask? how are the grey roots so far? remember this post here, where I talked about growing out the hair dye in my hair, and this board on pinterest called stunning grey hair.

Well actually yes quite grey now thank you!

I have pinned some more pictures as inspiration, incase I feel myself sliding towards a bottle of hair dye. Some of these grey haired gals are actually quite young, younger than me. I needed them there just to show that it's still possible to look up to date with grey hair. Of course it helps to have some nice clothes and a good hair style too.

I am still at the two tone stage which is hard. I keep catching sight of the colour and wanting my copper blond back. But also I am seeing this new, more authentic me, less brassy! and willing this on! It's a strange place to be. I think I'm going to like it. It's a relief not to be always thinking about and dealing with hair dye. Plus it's cheaper too.

I do feel the need to add a little more colour on my face just to warm things up. Really I think hair colour brings a brightness and sometimes a warmth which you get used to. So I'm thinking about ways to still feel like this. More motivation to find a healthy glow, so I'm still trying to up my exercise regime! more about this soon. I guess in the end you just have to let your natural self shine through!

Have a lovely february weekend,



  1. You look really lovely Heather ... I think your grey hair really complements your eyes ... it makes them sparkle ... I have been admiring all the pins on your board ... grey hair is beautiful ... Bee xx

  2. I fully understand your wanting to be natural, and get away from the cycle of hair dying. Although I'm not grey yet, I do dye my hair and I hate having to re-dye it every 6 weeks or so. Damn roots. I commend you for your determination to be 'yourself'. I think it suits you :)

  3. Heather I think it really suits you and your natural colour is always the best for your skin tone.. well I think so!

    I too have been resisting the call of the dye bottle, my roots are about 2 inches and I have ignored the yearning so far. I want to save the money it costs at £13 every 6 weeks and to remove the hassle and worry out of my life too. I think my roots are quite grey and lighter then I thought they were going to be.

    So I feel your pain but I do find it easier to wear less makeup and on most days none as the little bit of roots right next to my face isn't quite so harsh or brash as my dyed hair xx

  4. I started to go grey at 24 but last year decided to start the journey to a sleek grey bob but with the interim solution of high & lowlights. My skin is so sensitive and allergy prone that the decision was made for me. You do look fabulously fresh faced. Thank you for the inspirational pins.

  5. My hair is white.I have only dyed it once and it went a greeny colour.I couldn't afford to keep it professionally done,well I could but felt my money was better spent on other things.I keep it short and do get lots of compliments about it.It looks better when i have a bit of a tan.I think your hair suits you better with a hint of grey.lovely.

  6. Your happy healthy beauty shines through. Love this look but unsure if I'm brave enough to do it (although I have some grey hair I don't know how much). My Mum has recently stopped dying her hair at 74 and she looks better for it. It's never too late...

  7. Heather, I didn't know of your previous decision to grow out your hair dye and I read this post with interest. Your pinterest board is inspirational. Those women are all beautiful in different ways and I particularly like the way some of them keep their hair long. You don't often see grey hair worn longer than shoulder length and it can look stunning!

    You are doing a brave and a liberating thing - just think, not more hair dye! You look great - you have a lovely complexion your healthy and beauty shines though.

    Gillian x

  8. Heather, Your post makes me smile as I wish I slip away from the bottle. Your skin coloring is lovely for this transformation. A very brave thing to post about! Elizabeth

  9. How brave are you?
    Its something I think about....but thats all I do think about it!
    You look stunning and as every one says it brings your sparkling eyes out..
    Keep going and keep posting.
    Bestest luck
    daisy x

  10. We are so intertwined now with chemicals, I think the less you use these the better, good on you for being natural! :) x

  11. Heather, you look lovely with grey hair, it's definitely something to be proud of. I think long grey hair particularly can look wonderful. I photographed an event at the House of Lords last week and one of the most glamorous and elegant women there was a gorgeous lady with beautiful grey hair - besides, it comes to us all sooner or later right? x

  12. Acabei de conhecer o seu blog e achei maravilhoso. Me visite:http://algodaotaodoce.blogspot.com.br/
    Siga-me e pegue o meu selinho!!!


    Beijos Marie

  13. AHHH,the AGE OLD problem!!! Or is it the OLD AGE problem??!! of GREY or Not?!! Luckily for me, we live in the middle of no where, the decision is easy. Grey it will be!!!
    I think you look just lovely, Heather!!! And NATURAL is ALWAYS better!!
    Looking forward to your next post!!

  14. Good for you - and you look great. I love your Pinterest motivation idea :)

  15. Brilliant!!!!
    I love your grey hair with your blue eyes : a good match!!!
    I'm thinking the same: natural is better and much easier!!!
    I know that very soon I'll find the same courage as you!!!!
    xxxx Ale

  16. I think you look pretty good in grey ;)

  17. YEY, for being You!
    You do so suit your hair, Heather...And as every one has already said...It brings out the 'blue' in your eyes!!
    Sending, 'Twinkles' *****
    Maria x

  18. Heather I think you look absulutely gorgeous!!!
    Without even talking Grey hair you have the most gorgeous skin and these perfect high arched eye brows! You have natural beauty to start with... you will be divine when your grey grows completely in and the dye is gone.
    I actually would like to get away from Bleach blond, I agree with that brassy feel, it's not nice and I don't like it much either, I'm thinking of more of an ombre look for me... I think you and I are about the same age... Girl you are rocking it!

  19. Well, I like grey hair as a rule ;-) & you look lovely in it!
    Thanks for sharing the Pinterest link!
    All the best,

  20. I am in Ada's camp. Went au nauteral in my 49th year. Less money spent, less time wasted, less to worry about. And yes, a trendy hair cut is of utmost importance, for me, anyways. Sometimes, advertising pulls me towards trying the newest elixir of youth and I remind myself that it is part of the billion dollar beauty myth industry and that the people that love me, love me just they way I am. Happily aging, one day at a time.

  21. Omigosh, that's hugely inspiring to me! I just decided, just now. I'm going gray, too. You look fantastic. :)

  22. Thank you for going grey!
    I've just starting to get a few grey hairs. I love grey. Really, I love all natural hair. I just don't get the need to dye and all the things black women feel they must to do straighten their wonderful hair makes me want to cry. Let's all just be who we were created to be!!!
    Plus, there is the benefit of money and time saved and the skipping of all those horrid chemicals. Ick.

  23. Ooh, what a coincidence - I just found your blog. Today I had a haircut - next time I go will be the last of the brown ends!!! It will have taken me just under a year to grow out my grey... I was going every 4 weeks because of my roots, and all those chemicals, yuck. So I decided to be true to myself, easy care and a bit minimalist and stopped going to the salon last July, except for trimming off an inch every couple of months. I find I am whiter at the temples than expected but all silvery streaks through the rest and still quite dark overall, really.

    I loved something I read - a lady said this was her silver lining!! Ohhh yesss.
    (Oh, I'm now 48.)

  24. Just found you blog and was intrigued by the title. I love your hair. It is very stylish!