my morning

6.35: Alarm goes off, feel exhausted.
         bring the alarm into the bed and press repeat snooze 10 times.

7.20: pull the hot water bottle like dog out from under the duvet.
         cuddle said spoilt dog.

7.25: get up, open all the curtains. Let the dog out, make tea.

7.30: have a shower.

7.40: get dressed, jeans plus several layers of t-shirts and a jumper.

7.45: brush hair through, put on minimal make-up, mascara, blusher.

7.50: wake teen, tell him the time.
         room stays dark.
         leave light on outside in hall.

7.55: put a bowl of breakfast next to teen.
         no movement.
         room still dark.
         bang around making unecessary noise.
         remove last nights weetabix.
         offer to charge phone, as bound to be run down from pinging friends
         half the night.
8.00: no movement.
         remind teen to wake up and eat.

8.05: hear breakfast eating noises.
         eat my breakfast.

8.10: quiet in room again.
         no movement.

8.15: tell teen I will be turning the car around.
         take bags and dog to the car.
         tell teen we have to leave at 8.20 to be on time.
         no movement.

8.20: come back in.
         teen in bathroom.
         spends 5 minute spraying, guming and brushing hair.

8.25: teen leaves house looking like he slept all night in freshly pressed
         tie at a right angle.
         shirt hanging out at the back.
         teeth unbrushed.
         hair immaculate.

8.28: drive off.
         teen immediately launches into conversation about the obliterating
         effects of a brick in a washing         
         machine, seen on you tube, and other apocolyptic type disasters.
         I try and work out how many minutes there are left to drive the 35
         minute journey.
         I attempt several mentions of parents evening appointments and PE kit 
         get shot down several times.
         agree not to talk as I am being too stressful.
         Drive like Nigel Mansel through the cotswold country side, remembering
         to slow down for mud and
         hair pin bends.
8.55: Arrive, alive, on time, having driven the 35 minute journey in 27
         realize no one has cleaned their teeth.

9.00: Drive at a comfortable speed to where I walk the dog.
        delight in my freedom.

10.00: Arrive home, make coffee.
          wonder how many life enhancing, health inducing, career building,
          house clearing, garden over-hauling  
          things I can possibly do in the next 5 hours.
          Tidy up and do a blog post instead.

How about you?


  1. Somehow, when children have left home and you are alone, this doesn't seem quite so bad!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Ha ha! thats funny....

    My 11yr old is sounding like your teen only younger.
    I too have had the wonder of brick in washing machine u tube video explained to me again and again....I still don't 'get it' apparently you have to be a teen or an 11yr old?
    D x

  3. Sounds exhausting, think I might be glad mine are all grown up! (Not really!!!)
    Angie x

  4. I would say very funny......but we are almost there ourselves......so I won't! :) x

  5. Ha Ha ! I remember it all so well in my distant past and I agree if in doubt do a blog post!
    PS If you venture over to my 'Re-routed' blog there is an Award waiting for you if you are an Award accepting blog! You can find me through 'Where the Journey takes me' just click on the 'Re-routed' link in the sidebar.

  6. Beautifully written. Love this. And I do love your shot of your little table by the window. The perfect spot where to daydream and relax!

  7. Eeek, I'm exhausted just reading that! Great post - I like the 10am bit best :-)

  8. That sounds like a very exhausting start to the day. I love the thought of walking the dog to wake up your senses and gather your thoughts xx

  9. That teen, I think I have a clone, except mine's now 20!

    10.00am, that's your best time ;)

  10. sorry! I didn't mean to exhaust everyone! x

  11. Thankfully I have a few years to go before this stage ... 10.00am sounds heavenly ... Bee xx

  12. ....luckily the school bus come to pick up the boys!!!! ;OD
    really well written!!!!
    Enjoy your alone times : they are so great to recharge!!!!
    xxxx Ale

  13. HaHaHa!!! That's really so funny and what makes it hilarious is the fact that most mothers to teenagers can probably relate to your day!! Enjoy your recharge time at your window with a nice cuppa (If that was my corner, it would be my VEG-OUT corner for sure!!

  14. Ha ha. Me laughing at the realize no one has brushed teeth part.. Waiting for my 'teen' days..

  15. Just a perfectly wonderful happy normal morning then! x

  16. What a great story about the teen... Here are two teens en one 9 year fellow.
    The teens get out of bed easily but the youngest is terrible ;)
    He doesn't matter when time is running. But I do..;) So whe have a sort off a 'fight' in the mornings.
    And what I like is "what can you do in 5 hours" Well a lot, but instead I'am goint to sit at my computer en instagram
    Have a great week!

  17. Phew - I need a sit down now! I am not sure if it is a 'good' thing or not but we all wake up pretty early in our house - we have never set an alarm and there is no clock in our bedroom. This morning I woke up at 4.45......15 year old daughter is always up at 6.30. The weekends are just the same.... Because of this we are able to pack a great deal into the day but one day I expect/hope that the early mornings stop because I am very, very tired!
    Best wishes

    1. gosh, I'm wondering if you all go to bed quite early! We might not be going quite early enough! x

  18. What a lovely down to earth post, out of our four children we only have our 17 yr old daughter at home. Your post makes me feel like the teen thing is happening all over the place and not only in our home. I feel human again, i say smiling as i write this comment. THANK YOU X

  19. Brilliant post Heather! Your comments about your "teen" did make me laugh...uniform wrinkled but hair immaculate. It's always a rush in our house in the mornings. Every morning I vow to get up 15 minutes earlier but I never do.

    Gillian x

  20. I thought it was already bad at age 9 - now I see what I have to look forward to!

  21. Love this post! It all sounds quite familiar... I have the day off today to do as I please and its lovely. Although I haven't got anything planned, to just have the freedom is in itself enjoyable! Have a lovely weekend! Karen x

  22. My 5-year-old won't get up before 9, without prodding. I wonder what she'll be like in 10 years!


    1. probably fine if she's doing that now! I should remember that for such a long time it was early starts and no chance of a lay in! x

  23. Wow nice blog!!:):) i'm following you, visit my blog if you want!!:)

  24. Love this today...I think every teen is the same! Waking us is so very hard for them. xoxo Happy weekend.

  25. Haahaa had to chuckle..teen very similar in this house especially the shooting down of vital info like parents evening and pe kit.DS (pre teen) on the other hand is up with the larks which can be just as stressful. Like my mum says "we spend 18 month telling them to stand up and talk for Mummy and 18 years telling them to sit down and shut up...." somethings never change. Enjoy your mornings.

  26. My teenage son is very strange in that he gets up in good time, has a bath, eats his breakfast and cleans his teeth, but then goes back to bed and invariably drops off back to sleep! I don't know why he doesn't just get up a bit later so that he hasn't got time to kill.

    I had to go and see what the brick in a washing machine was. Looks like the garden was being destroyed as well as the washer!

    1. I still haven't seen it, perhaps I will! x

  27. Very funny!!! Hope you found a moment to clean your teeth ; -)

  28. hilarious!!!!!!! Not got to teenage troubles yet....my daughters have the other problem of me not wanting to get up!
    Have fun!

  29. You had me in stitches! I'm still giggling about your teen and the morning routine! Thanks.
    Loved the pic of your table with gingham cloth. It inspired me so much, I ran out to my kitchen - did a rearrange and even moved the table closer to the window. Luv it. Thanks again. You've made my day twice. Do keep blogging.

  30. Just found this. Made me laugh. Very Adrian Mole! Have female version of teen so look out for post inspired by yours!

  31. This rings a very loud bell! I remember my second son almost missing his bus to sixth form (he had his English Literature A level first thing that day) because straightening his hair was far more important!

    Teenagers ...

    Love Claire xxx