some favourite things right now

This week I have been crochet mad!

This is my new favourite cup. Would you like to join me for coffee and a cupcake?

Only joking, how about one of these?

They go very well with crochet and I have a sweet tooth....

I have been swishing around in my favourite poncho. At home I live in ponchos. One day I will make one......

I have done a spot of thrifting. I'm very happy to have found these. My Mum used to have them in her cupboards. It's amazing how a pattern can bring back memories. I just like seeing them on my shelves, and I think I might start a little collection.

I have been dipping into this basket a lot lately.

and found myself making something very bright and colourful, more than normal!

I have been in my craft room using my sewing machine, Miss.Trissie. She used to belong to my grandma. She is working really well, considering she must be almost a hundred years old! I have been finishing lots of cushions and this really feels good.

I have enjoyed draping cushions around the house and taking lots of pictures.

I love this cushion, for me it represents everything I want my little red suitcase shop to be about, colourful, retro, fun and modern.......!

It's ready to travel and I just might be able to let it go!

Of course I will have to make another straight away....... 

.....Home is tidy, my teen had a week off ill, so no school wrangles.

I have been managing to clear some of my forever piles. You know the ones, hand washing, mending, tidying the clutter in my craft room, again!  

There are still some I would like to get to, but I need to do more clearing first, but I do feel as though my word for the year CLEAR, is having an effect.

It's been good to craft and finish things. I have given my etsy shop a little tidy and update. I have been doing some homework to do with postage and packaging and dreaming off making some new labels and postcards.

So perhaps the spring energy is beginning to move and now I will be spending the next few days catching up with you all. 

I hope things are good with you, 




  1. Your cushion is lovely, I'm sure it will be snapped up very quickly! Is the brightly coloured one going to be a cushion too?
    Your crochet cupcakes are very pretty (almost good enough to eat!!!) and on a very pretty plate too!
    Angie x

  2. All your favourite things are lovely. Clearing is my mantra this year too, so I'm with you on that. Your crochet is gorgeous, as always x

  3. You are feeling better, I can see it !!!!! So glad for you!!!
    I'm happy that your shop is how you want it to be!!! Yay!!!
    xxx Ale

  4. Hi Heather, Wow what a busy girl you've been!!! Love your cushions!! You have an amazing eye for color, something I always struggle with! Do you follow a pattern or do you just do your thing??!!
    Thank you for all your comments and always finding the time to stop by!!!!!!

  5. What a happy post ... full of lovely colour ... I noticed your poncho pins earlier ... very pretty ... Bee xx

  6. Lovely things here today, love your cushion and I think you should start a little china collection, it will remind you of your Mum! :) x

  7. I loved your poncho:) Of course I am thinking of making one too... some day;)
    Your crochet work is looking good - as always:) I am working on a *rainbow* blanket (it's an UFO), and I hope to get it finished this spring.

  8. Hello Heather thank you for telling me about the crochet book, i have ordered it, it cost me 1p!!
    There are three reviews thay are very negative about the book but i am still looking forward to it dropping through my letter box :)
    Your crochet looks lovely, are you self taught? I cant wait ti get started, thanks so much for your help. Best wishes jackie x

    1. well I hope it helps! it was the first crochet book I came across and so I went from there. A few years before this someone did show me the basic stitch, although they were left handed and now I also crochet left handed too! and I hold the hook in a strange way too. But you will soon find your own way with it... x

  9. Such a colorful , happy and spring-sh post. I love the cushion resting on the red suit case. Aptly describes your shop and captures the lovely sentiments of your blog. And you are a mean lady for tempting me with such lovely cupcakes - crochet and baked ones. Loved both of it :)

  10. such a pretty cushion cover & I love your little red suitcase ♥

  11. Oh gosh my forever piles! The mending one is horrible :((
    Love that happy basket filled with colorful wool!

  12. I absolutely love that cushion, it really is gorgeous. It will brighten up any corner.

    I tackled some "forever" piles too (the paperwork that gets dumped on top of the fridge) and felt much better for it. :-)

    Gillian x

  13. I would love to join you for a cup cake......and could I have tea please ;)

    I love your poncho

  14. I love cupcakes in any form, crochet or baked. Have a lovely weekend x

  15. Love your little crochet cupcakes, they're very sweet and such a gorgeous colourful cushion too. xx

  16. Love your cupcakes of the eating and non-eating kind : -) and lovely cushion/s!! Good to hear you're tackling the *must do* things ... that will be me one day too!!!

  17. I've just found your blog - it's so nice to stumble upon a like minded crafter, I share your love of cupcakes and crochet what an adorable combination x

  18. What happy colors you've got in this post! You've brightened my day.

  19. Would love to have a coffee with you! The real cake looks yummy. What a lovely bright cheery post filled with gorgeous things you have made. Thankyou for sharing your joy! Happy days... Karen x

  20. Reading your little blog, Heather, always feels like I've had a bit of a visit with you. I especially like the white bordered pillow. the white gives the eye a place to rest between the busy squares. Also, lets the colours pop!

  21. How about you make the coffee and I'll bring the cupcakes (although the real one does look yummy) ;)

    Loving the cushions :) And the poncho ... it would be easy to make one you know.

  22. Lovely cushions and cupcakes. But your yarn basket just caught my eye !!!
    What yarns are you using ?? I'm new here, your latest follower.