crocus magic

It's cold and bright here today, not quite spring, but it's not far away.
The other day as I drove along I saw a patch of crocuses planted by the road.
My heart gave a little leap of joy!
It was such a surprise burst of loveliness,

Of course that led to a little purchase of these crocuses, 
which led to some soft mauve wool,

which led to a little crochet, of the purple and mauve kind.

and the finishing of a pretty cushion.

really it was crocus magic.......

if you would like to see even more crocuses you can look here!


Thank you for your wonderful comments on my last post, it was really very heart warming. Life still has it's trickyness, this is true for all of us I'm sure. But it feels less intense now, thank goodness! This blogging community has led to some great inspirations and ideas to try. I will keep you posted.

cold and bright on the common

Hope your week is going well,




  1. Hi Heather i wonder if you can help me, i would love to learn to crochet, do you know of any good books or magazine that shows crochet for the beginner?
    Glad you are feeling better,best wishes jackie x

    1. Hi Jackie, yes I used the 'Complete guide to knitting and crochet' by Nicky Trench. It has very good picture illustrations and a good step by step guide, and some patterns too. Good luck ! x

  2. Your crocuses are beautiful! Every year it is kind of magic seeing the first signs of spring:)

  3. Who would of thought that a small patch of roadside crocuses would be so inspring? Marvellous x

  4. Sooo pretty... glad you're feeling more chippa xo

  5. Just lovely - all of it. And that you're feeling a wee bit better too :-)
    Enjoy the rest of your week,

  6. Glad you are feeling a bit better Heather. Love your crocus magic post, you have a magical way with words and it led to a beautiful cushion. Keep smiling :)))) Karen xx

  7. Great to see you in the "purple" of mind! The flowers really do wonders to the moods right...sometimes all we need is a spot of the right color to motivate us and keep it going.. Lovely crochet works and i must soon do a pillow case :)

  8. Flowers always make me happy too. Enjoy!

    Bethany@Journey To Ithaca (formerly Our So-Called Life)

  9. beautiful crocus!!!!
    Love all your crochet, too!!!
    xxxx Ale

  10. Lovely how spying a flower can put you on a rollercoaster of creativeness!

  11. Beautiful crocus Heather, glad they've cheered you up!
    Angie x

  12. Such a beautiful color!!! Love your cushion!!! and the view is just magnifisant!!! Clearly, the coming of Spring is cheering you up a lot!!! Enjoy it!!!

  13. It's funny how one thing leads to another! spring flowers always cheer me up.

  14. I love crocuses. They just bring hope that spring is on the way. And I love how you showed how one thing led to another in your life. Have a great day.


  15. love crocus ~ the sweetest little springtime flowers ♥
    your crocheted cushion is gorgeous ~ love the colours you've chosen!

  16. I love crocuses too ... they remind me of my granny ... she loved them ... Bee xx

  17. Crocus and Snow drops are like spring times promise of what is around the corner! I always have to take a deep breath, when I first sight them, Heather! Ahhh Bliss! ~ with kind thoughts...and a few 'Twinkles'***** Maria x

  18. crocus magic indeed. so lovely. i need some;)

  19. It's so true how little bursts of flowers bring light and hope to your day! For me, here, it is forsythia. Not a particularly nice blossom to photograph, but it's always one of the first harbingers of spring that fills me with positive thoughts.
    Crocus' are rare here. Squirrels eat the bulbs, I think. Or else, like tulips, the ground doesn't go cold enough from one year to the next.

  20. I love the way your crocuses inspired so much colour and creativity. I have been admiring them here and there in people's gardens and along the side of the road and they do make me happy.

    Gillian x

  21. Lovely ~ all of it!

    And seeing the crocus in bloom is such good Medicine for me at the moment … as I watch the icy snow falling outside.

    And now I'm thinking I'll fetch my hooks and some yarn after dinner. Thanks for the inspiration!

  22. Crochet magic indeed!

    Glad to read you are feeling a little more upbeat x

  23. beautiful post, such pretty delicate flowers, lots of creativity. x

  24. What a great colors with the flowers in purple. Beautiful!
    Have a good week!