I like.....

I like kind,
I like honest, funny, real, genuine.

I like inspiration!
I like brave, 
I like warmth,
I like welcome.

I like creative, artistic, modern,
I like pre-loved,
I like home, journey, travel,

I like endeavor
and I like care.

I like daring, safely......!

I like heart and I like soul,
I like moving and stretching.

I like gentle and strong,
I like reading and seeking,
I like watching and growing,
being and seeing.

I like colour,
I like encourage,
I like motivate.

I like friend,
I like lover.

I like smiles,
I like opening.

I like forgiving,
I like green,
I like trees, sunshine and stars.

I like creative folks,
blue sky and flowers,

I like handmade, homespun and thrift.

I like mother earth wearing it's big beautiful breathing flowery dress on the common!

Welcome July!

is there anywhere you go daily and watch things grow?

have a good week,



  1. What a lovely post Heather ... I share a lot of likes with you ... and I love to watch things grow ... Bee xx

  2. A perfect post to wrap up a perfectly lovely summer weekend. Thank you! Chrissie x

  3. We must be sisters, I like the same! I walk around my garden everyday noticing all the new things, I'd be lost without my garden! :) x

  4. Whoah! Love the energy of this post. Have a great July Heather. Claire xo

  5. A beautiful and thought provoking post. I love all the things you love. There is something about being with nature that brings only the best out in me. Yes welcome July, lets hope its filled with lots of sun and happy moments. xoxo

  6. I like this post - lovely! Jane x

  7. Dear Heather,

    This is simply beautiful! Thank you! And yes, I do have a place to go to to watch things grow: the local vineyards which stretch for miles around. I am fascinated by the variety of wild flowers which spring up each and every week.

    Welcome July indeed!


  8. I like this post ....sooooo much! xx

  9. And I like you! Beautiful post, typical Heather style! Thank you so much for this Heather!
    Happy July to you!
    Joy xo

  10. I enjoyed this, if you don't mind I would like to borrow your idea & share my likes on my own blog. I loved your pictures as well... very peaceful.
    Tammy xx

  11. Hi Heather,I Like!!!I really,really like!!!All the things you like!!!I like!!!Have a great day!!

  12. Gorgeous pictures! Totally capturing our beautiful country...

  13. I like your post Heather .... such wonderful positive likes to match those beautiful pictures. I want to run through the flower meadows like the little girls on Little House on the Prairie used to. I see mother natures changes on my daily walk to work ~ Have a wonderful July .. Sarah x

  14. What a lovely post! Beautiful pictures!! Happy new week! xo Holly

  15. love your red dress and strawberries. hx

  16. like all these likes!!!!! hope that Facebook doesn't have anything to do with your likes!!!! ;oD
    xxxxx Ale

  17. Love the likes! Happy Happy Happy!!!!

  18. What a fabulous post! I love your words and your photos. Your local common is a picture, it looks like a meadow. xx