mid week temptation

A few summer temptations lately!

It really is strawberry season. I love strawberries and that of course means oodles of cream poured over the top. I am seeing strawberries in the supermarket at the moment, of the most fantastic proportions. Have they done something unspeakable to them to make grow so big!

Walking along the lane, in the hedgerow I am spotting the most sweetest tiny tiny wild strawberries growing. The flavour is intense and reminds me of some strawberry flavour sweets I had when I was little. I have to remember to leave some for the wild life.

Oh and spotted on the common, this fabulous red car sitting in the car park. I mean look at it, does this not say ready to go adventuring. Doesn't it just 'need' a red suitcase to match. I had to restrain myself for checking for keys!! I could just imagine taking off for an adventure sitting in this with my vintage suitcases stacked prettily in the back and ready to go! Yes please!

A beautiful new sweet smelling orange Rose growing by my balcony. I have to keep going and breathing in the sweet smell. Reminding myself to buy some Rose oil. I put a few drops of this in my moisturiser or face oil when I put it on , it really is lovely and feels very nurturing.

My new crochet adventure. It could go in so many different directions. So many colours calling. I love this bit.

Hmm, which colour wants to come out next.

Actually I have an idea for this cushion, I'm thinking retro man!! You know the kind of retro man who you find under 'etsy dudes'! He will probably be wearing a plaid check shirt, drive a cool retro car and possibly have a beard. He probably lives in a cabin in the woods, which he built by hand and filled with cool retro things. And top of his shopping list would be a funky retro cushion, naturally....... Either that or he does actually live inside the 'etsy' website!...... Or possibly in another country.......or maybe I don't get out enough?!

Anyway, I will show you more soon,

A quick crochet temptation here, look you can line them all up if you want to!

Like I said always tempting to keep em'!

A sweet gift of summer flowers from a friend. Not tempting, just nice.

and I have changed my photo. Once you have a photo it's hard to not have a photo, it kind of feels as though something is missing. It's quite a straight faced photo. I have some softer ones waiting in the wings, but this feels like something I need to express for a while! I detect a note of I mean business here and even a note of defiance, (possibly a now grey hair defiance!) and I may have my arms crossed, but I'm not saying.

Just lately I have had to create some new boundaries around my life. Just nicely. There's important things in my life and my sons that I want to get to and I'm not getting to them. I have to be clear with myself and other people about that, I want to do them, but I can't if  I'm spending time doing other things. I need to do the things which are important to us. First. Sometimes we can dance around these things for forever and a day with distractions and avoidances. Time to pull my finger out. Oh, and time to create. Time for everything.

have a good rest of the week,

and let me know if you spot 'retro man'!

he's out there somewhere!


P.S. I have some new pictures on my pinterest stunning grey hair board.
P.P.S. maybe I'll start a 'retro man' board, what do you think!!
edited to add retro man board here!


  1. I must get myself some cool baskets for my wool stash instead of plastic bags!! I love your grey hair pinterest board, they really are stunning - I keep telling myself I'm going to grow mine out but then end up reaching for the dye. If I could look like these ladies I would do it for sure :-D

    1. it's really quite liberating and so nice not to have to thinks 'roots' all the time! x

  2. Lovely post. The photograph of the rose is just beautiful! Your cushions are gorgeous!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. ooh those strawbs are sooo delicious - I just had a bowl of them for breakfast, sans cream of course ;-)
    Lovely pics - fab crochet makes and I'd be tempted by that sweet red car too!
    Wishing you a happy day,

  4. Great post and loving that red car. Wouldn't it just be amazing to zoom away in that, and yes it definitely calls for a red suitcase or two and a retro man won't go amiss either. Loving the idea of a retro man board will be interesting to see just what you come up with. Not too many of them out there sweetie, or maybe that's just me not getting out much either!! Your cushions are looking great!! So is your pic gorgeous lady!! All for grey here, starting to see so many grey hairs lately as haven't dyed hair for well over a year now, so bring it on! Xoxo

  5. Ooh I love this colourful post, Heather! I'm sitting here with my hair dye on, afraid to go grey as my hair is short and curly and will instantly make me look extremely elderly if it were grey too. Yours is fab!

    Those cars are gorgeous ... I remember my husband telling me they were made for French farmer's wives, to take their eggs to market ... perhaps I need one, but my chucks are on strike at moment, so no hope for a glut of eggs for selling!

    Sorry for rambling, must go ... forgot to say, how wonderful, free roadside strawberries!

    Love Claire xxx

  6. Yep, retro man is alive and well and living here with me, he still has that beard, and his cabin in the woods is now a wooden shed in the back garden! lol and we got married in the 1970's so yes he is the original retro man! LOL!

    yes, the go grey/dont go grey thing has been bugging me too lately, I have countless bottles of the colouring shampoo and yet not really keen to use it... I'm still thinking about it! I love this debate!

    1. oh I'm so happy you found retro man! : ) x

  7. A post full of eye candy - the strawberries (love the heart-shaped bowl!), the rose, the crochet, and that fabulous car! I just love your crochet cushions, the new square is intriguing, can't wait to see what colour pops up next! Chrissie x

  8. Oh, I LOVE that car too! I have wild strawberries growing in the garden ... the flavour of them is so intense that they are almost fizzy!
    I have a few grey hairs creeping in but still keep reaching for the dye bottle ... I'll have to take the plunge soon and go 'au naturel'! M x

  9. Beautiful photos, I love the car its awsome. x

  10. Love this vintage red Citroen.....how many memories!!!!!
    like the idea of a retro man board!!! Great!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  11. I think my son is turning into retro man Yay.....x

  12. You are surrounded by beauty, and you have an eye for it. Some how I think that you could find beauty in almost anything as I always see you catching it with your camera, even in the dead of winter.
    I agree with you on boundaries, they are so important in our lives, it's often hard to get others to respect our personal and family boundaries though, so I admire you for the realization that they need to be there. I'm facing a problem with boundaries and my extended family at the moment.
    Also, I love your photo! I have decided to grow in my natural color and I'm finding so many grey hairs it's actually freaking me out! I don't know if I should embrace them or run from them! Anyway, I thing your photo is a very serious one, but lovely all the same.
    Retro man board? Yay!
    Tammy xx

  13. Loving retro man ... and your hair is beautiful ... so soft and elegant ... Bee xx

  14. Lovely post again Heather! I can see you in the bright red car with your little suitcase but I think retro man might be an encumbrance you can well do without! Think carefully about this now!
    I remember the sweet lovely smell and taste of those wild strawberries from my childhood in Scotland - loved them! Many years on from childhood, I am sporting the now 'becoming-the-trend' grey hair which I haven't coloured for years and years: it started going grey when I was in my late twenties - a little strip on top of my head! Thank you for the link - I've found a couple of styles I quite like and am ready for a new cut!
    Your orange rose is beautiful, and your granny square and cushions - AND your new photo! Enjoy your creativity, let it flow through your days!
    Joy x

    1. oh yes retro man would also have to be a very sweet home loving, travel loving kind of guy, wildly supportive of my creative dreams and totally understanding of my family dynamic!! or yes giving up my freedom for anything else would take some thinking about! thanks for the reminder Joy. Good luck with the new haircut. x

  15. I think you are an amazingly strong mum, an amazingly creative person! :) x

  16. Such pretty strawberries! I just love them! Lovely photos, and your pillows are so cute! :) xo Holly

  17. Love your beautiful grey ladies - sadly I am not that lithe, elegant or blue-eyed (did you notice most are blue-eyed?!)... but I am still sticking to letting my hair grow out grey and then letting it get longer than the chin-length it has been for a few years, as it's basically decent, wavy/curly hair, just as I am short/curvy ;)! Great inspiration.
    Also, I looove red - that is a cute 2CV! My last car was pink, my "new-to-me" one is purple LOL

  18. Happy Summer Days to you...looks like you are filling your days with JOY! Now that is one car I would love to have. xox

  19. Hi Heather,What a lovely post!!I like your retro man!!!Just make sure that he has a red car like that to give to you and that he wouldn't mind to stay at home while you go on a roadtrip with your Little Red Suitcase and your girl friends!!!
    Sounds like a wonderful plan!!!Can I come??!!
    Have a great weekend!!!

  20. I am dubbing your self-portrait "Decidedly Determined".
    We have a saying here in the US - You go, girl! :~)

  21. Such a happy summery post, Heather. That red citroen is fab, I've always had a weakness for old citroens. I think they're classy. x