autumn inspirations

hi there, would you care for a pompom?..... aren't they fun?....... I loved making these. I still have to string them into a garland. I'm hoping they will add a dash of colour and fun this autumn on my walls. I'm actually rather enjoying them on this plate too.

My inspiration for these came from the very talented Selina Lake in her rustic autumn article in this months Home and Antiques. I have been trying not to buy magazines, but somehow this month I have brought 3! Kind gestures to myself have been needed!

I love the rustic backdrop, the vintage flower pictures, the flashes of neon wasabi tape (I have mine at the ready!) and the way she combines the autumn colours with beautiful mauves and pinks and purples. Using a pile of gorgeous floral fabrics in her signature style. Doesn't she do it well! I love the whole idea of setting a scene and styling it. She's one lucky lady.

Love the leaf decoration! Does anyone know which of her books this might be from? or was this for Home and Antiques magazine. Either way I just had to have this picture. 

 and some pretty colours from my garden this autumn. Runner beans, i think!!

these yellow berries are just wonderfull. So pretty.

I adore the red of the rosehips!

the pretty orange and mauve buddlia,

soft, ripe plums in abundance. The branches have been propped up! so strange after hardly any last year. 

gorgeous autumn berries. Love the colours.

and a new course for me this autumn, held at our local youth club. Triple P. It's supposed to be good! I will drink my 'love' tea and think positive strategies!! We have homework too.....

and new in the shop, going back to basics, i think i like these tags best. Simple and straight forward. I'm enjoying hanging them around the place, with my new wasabi tape! will show you more soon.

so there you have it. I do love the autumn don't you?

take care now


  1. I was writing to say I love your autumn pics . but then I saw you gave me a mention. so thank you. I look forward to meeting you too and tea cups are at the ready. it will happen when its ment to.hx

  2. Beautiful autumnal photos with the added happiness of pom poms - perfect! I love the magazine spread - how is it that they can make it look so effortlessly and cheerfully bohemian? I swear if I taped leaves to the wall and strung various garlands over a mishmash of printed fabrics, my room would look chaotic and unkempt, not stylish! ;-) Chrissie x

  3. Ooooooh those pompoms are lovely Heather, can't wait to see your finished garland! I haven't bought myself a magazine in such a long time. Might treat myself next time I'm out. I can see why you'd be seduced by those images. Hope the Triple P course goes well, looks interesting. I love Autumn too, not that it feels much like it today with the fairly warm temperature.....x

  4. Heather your pompoms are just gorgeous, they will look perfect all strung up, and I agree... they look quite wonderful on the plate as well! You will have to keep us up to date on how the course goes and also... your photos made me want to take a deep breath and relax, I love the outdoors in the fall...
    Have a great weekend,

  5. love to see Autumn in your pics....just missing it!
    xxxx Ale

  6. Beautiful photos Heather ... so perfectly autumnal ... enjoy your cuppa ... Bee xx

  7. Beautiful photos Heather and I especially love that autumnal heart on the wall. I too love pom pom garlands, they are so pretty. Your pom poms look lovely! xoxo

  8. Such pretty fall inspiration!! Happy Saturday! xo Holly

  9. Wow, so many berries and so much lovely healthy fruit, the colours in your pics are just lovely Heather - I might add that I've never seen beans in that magnificent pink/mauve shade - they're beautiful.Your little pompoms are such lovely colours too - and cuddly! All the best with the new course, I hope it goes well for you!
    Joy x

  10. Love your tags! i make these at Xmas tim for my gift tags...they are something special don't you think!
    Lovely to have your blog...
    Do pop over and say hello if you have five mins....
    Tilly x

  11. Yep, I love it too, it's the best time of year. Your photos are full of the same colours you described in the Selina Lake article - you must share her style! x

  12. I absolutely blooming love Autumn...and pompoms!

    Nina x

  13. Hello heather....I love the way you have styled your pompoms....such a lovely and cheerful photo....I am needing colour during these grey days..so thank you for providing it...Daisy x.