a shawlette for the autumn

Do you ever notice a link between what you are making and the world around you, a kind of theme? sometimes it creeps up on you and then you realize where the inspiration is twinkling at you from. 

the little things that catch our eye every day and call to us.
See the pretty mauve flowers in both pictures, I was very tempted to add a little strip of mauve here! but I carried on with the oatmeal colour, which I'm also loving. This is my current favourite neutral colour. It keeps on appearing in my projects.
I spent some time here quietly crocheting, then I noticed the colour of the head board (a pretty table cloth!) the flowers and the colours of my shawl!
This was a lovely rythmic pattern to work with. The shells are very addictive! Sometimes watched by you know who, until the excitement became too much. A sweet little spot to snooze don't you think. It's all moved around again now!
okay, here she is my september shawlette, finished in october. I had a big 'to tassle or not to tassle' moment, but it felt as though it needed something else. My blocks of colour were quite heavy and I wanted to balance the blue, without making more stripes.
the tassles were fun, my first ever tassles!!
lessons learn't, oh yes.....
mind which way your shells are facing when you change colour,
and use as soft and snuggly a wool as possible,
nice and drapey is good!
I added a blue strip along the top to bring it all together,
but don't look to closely
as it might be the wrong way round!
I am practising 'done but not perfect' these days.
.......right what's next,
take care,



  1. It's absolutely stunning! The tassles are spot on and the oatmeal is gorgeous, I can see why you use it a lot. Must be a wonderful shawlette to wear! Congrats!
    PS. Your canine companion is so sweet. :-)

  2. What a beautiful shawl - quite nice that the weather has turned chillier so you can put that beauty to good use! And the tassles are the perfect finishing touch. Chrissie x

  3. Heather it looks gorgeous! I love how you have pulled it all together ending in the blue and extending with the tassels, perfection! Thanks for the pattern link, it looks like a soothing rhythmic one to make xox Penny

  4. Oh Heather it is simply beautiful ... I love the colours ... Bee xx

  5. You have the right attitude Heather, one I share! 'done but not perfect' is my philosophy too. I hope you spend many happy hours draped in your lovely creation! x

  6. Your shawl is really beautiful and I like to imagine it with a pair of jeans and wellies!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  7. I love your beautiful shawl Heather - it's very elegant yet cosy and romantic! Your colours are gorgeous together and the fringe and blue edge finish it off so well!
    I'm seeing more and more that we are surrounded by 'those themes' and I'm trying to really take the time to recognise and appreciate them more, thank you.
    Joy xo

  8. Heather it's so pretty and will indeed be very snugly, yes I'm with you on 'done but not perfect' :) x

  9. The shawl looks really good, Shell stitch is one of my favourite crochet stitch.

  10. wonderful shawl, I m loving the colours and your tassels

  11. Your shawl is oh so pretty, I love the shell stitch and the colours work wonderfully :) xx

  12. Oh my goodness Heather!! That shawl is so so beautiful.. you are so talented, I would love to be able to make myself something so gorgeous! Do you sell shawls like this one in your Etsy shop?
    The colors are perfect.
    I also adore that vintage blue in the bedroom. You have great taste.
    Tammy xx