Pedro the dachshund

hello, just dipping my feet back in the world of blogging! not that I have been anywhere of course, as I have been right here reading along. Once an inspiration junkie, always an inspiration junkie, that's what i reckon.....!

now then if you read Mollie makes, have you made yours?

this is Jane Foster's free gift this month. It was so very easy. I just hand sewed all the way around the edge and stuffed it with cotton wool and hey presto..... I do love dachshunds don't you! and yes I know I was an impatient missy using cotton wool and he will probably go flat and lumpy at some point but we will love him none the less!

and of course i do realize I should be giving you some long and thought out answers from my last post (and that I will do when i've found some suitable thoughtful pictures), but I thought i would talk about Pedro the dachshund instead. So named after our most delightful doggy friend, who was actually called Pedro Epstein II, and who we like to think of as living out his remaining years serenely parading the streets of Belgium wearing his very chic leopard print coat. Such a character! We miss you Pedro!

and as you can see, behind Pedro I am indeed ready to rock and roll. Pretty vintage sheets have been made into hearts, ready for stamping. i do like this bit! I have been scribbling down messages and ideas that i want to use. I am LOVING these hearts, I have a VISION for these hearts!! Exciting stuff. it's not been all sugar plumb fairy here I can tell you...... I NEED these hearts. Anyway enough of that, I'm very happy to be back in this space, catch you again soon,



  1. I made the dog too, in fact despite having every issue of Mollie Makes, it's the only free gift I've made! X

  2. So good to have you back! My happy hearts are hanging in my kitchen, making me smile on a very regular basis - I love them! And now that I see you're making more, well, I might just have to get some for other rooms in the house... Chrissie x

  3. Welcome back! Hope you had a good summer! Love the dog and the hearts... And I'm also very intriged by that lovely crocheted tablecloth/megadoily. ;-)

  4. Love him ... still need to do mine ... maybe a project for the weekend ... lovely to see you back ... Bee xx

  5. I'm so happy to see you are back Heather - I've been thinking about you, especially these past few days - maybe I had a premonition that you were returning from your little hibernation!
    You've done a lovely job of the little dachshund and your little hearts are sweet and gorgeous!
    Joy x

  6. YAY!!!!!!!! HEATHER IS BACK!
    So excited, I have often looked to see if you have returned!
    I'm so happy you're back, after all, we need to support each other here in blog land! I love your hearts, I always have!
    Welcome back, I look forward to your future posts!
    Tammy x

  7. Im really happy, too, Heather!!!!
    Nice to have you here!!!!
    missing you, xxxxx Ale

  8. Yay impure back Heather, how very lovely to see you lovely lady. Love Pedro what a fab make. Might have to get this months issue, so thanks for the inspiration. Love your hearts they are so lovely!! Happy week for you Heather xoxo

  9. Hurrah nice tohave you back and I am admiring your new clean look blog too!
    bestest to you as always
    daisy J x

  10. Hi Heather,Welcome back dear friend!!!It's good to hear from you again!!!Petro is indeed a very charming little hound!!!Love the hearts even without their messages!!!Keep well and busy and hope to hear from you soon!!!

  11. love the dog - and so great to have you back!

  12. So cute!! Love the dog! And pretty hearts! Happy sweet day to you! xo Holly

  13. Heather I am super excited to find you on here, crochet and vintage hearts and lots of passion for making...yep gonna like it! Following along xxxxx