yesterday we had a birthday.
15 years no less.
my sunflower boy.

snowboarding was the order of the day.
in the rain......
followed by films, pizza, giggling and sweets.
no sleepover (i think i was a little thankful for that)
.....he sent everyone home.

my boy had had a difficult day.
I had probably entered into the realms of parent never to be forgiven.
we had argued.
it was saved at last by friends,
if only there had been more people there sooner.......

it certainly wasn't the plan when I arranged the sunflowers
and hung up the birthday bunting.......

hope the sun comes out a little bit today
wherever you are.


  1. He will have forgotten about the argument long ago and his head will be filled to the brim with birthday memories. You however are his mother and as such will feel guilty - it's part of the job! It sounds like you have given your boy a wonderful time and I'm sure he loves you very much for that. Take care x Jane

  2. Ah Heather, isn't Motherhood such an up and down game - and don't we beat ourselves up endlessly whenever things go off course a bit! Tomorrow is another day and both you and your boy will recover from the hurts of today - sleeping on 'things' mostly seems to help.
    I understand where you're coming from - and the most difficult part is to forgive oneself - but none of us is perfect.
    Sending warm thoughts,
    Joy x

  3. I agree with Jane ... You'll remember the argument and feel guilty long after he will, I'm sure you said youwere sorry, so just let it go. You made his birthday special, and that's what he'll remember. It all looks very lovely, you've gne to lots of trouble and just wanted a perfect day ... 15 is a difficult age at thebest of times, so don't beat yourself up over it. The sun is shining here,it's an amazing late summer day, hope it's shining on you too, sweetie!

    Love Claire xx

  4. I agree with everything Joy says too, we must have been writing our comments simultaneously, but hers got there first! Xxx

  5. Your Gorgeous Sunflowers look wonderful in your lovely home. Sorry things got a bit stressful for you yesterday. My twins will be 15 in a couple of years....can't say I'm looking forward to it!
    Take care.
    Jacquie x

  6. I really think you did your best to make his day special!!!!
    teenagers are difficult to handle sometimes and when I read your posts I think about my teen, too! He is just 6 months younger than your boy.....so we share the same ""problem""!!
    He will forgive you sooner than you'll do with yourself.
    A warm big hug, xxxxx Ale

  7. Hello, I've visited your blog before but never commented. This happy birthday room looks gorgeous for your son. Fortunately little arguments and topsy turvy conversation can be forgiven and hopefully forgotten. Sounds like his day turned out great in the end x Penny
    ps. I love your vintage hearts, too beautiful x

  8. Love your sweet Happy Birthday room!! Wishing him a great birthday! Such pretty flowers too! :) Have a wonderful weekend! xo Holly

  9. Hi Heather,I think all will be forgotten as the day seemed to have turned out just fine!!!Such is life!!!Love your birthday room with its cheery buntings and sunflowers!!!Have a great weekend and best wishes ti the birthday boy!!!

  10. I had the worst rows with my mum when I was 15, I remember both of us being so upset, but do you know what? We got through it, I cherish the very vivid memories of wonderful birthdays that I know now she really worked hard on - and I knew then like I'm sure your son knows, that there will never, ever be anyone who loves a child as deeply, completely and ferociously as a mother. Stay strong, you are his rock while the rest of his world fluctuates and changes and has ups and downs. Chrissie x

  11. Living with a teenager in the house can be a difficult time. Whatever you do or say, it seems to be wrong. You have to think of it as growing pains, and they'll gradually come to an end...

  12. Heather I always feel so horrible after I argue with my teenager, he just says the most sarcastic stuff and we end up in the worst fights. But you know I keep telling myself that he's going through puberty and this will pass.
    I know you love your son so much, and as long as he knows that too, that's what matters.
    Happy Birthday to your guy!
    I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend,
    Tammy x

  13. Heather I really feel for you as little can rock the core as an argument with family and especially your child. It's so hard to forgive ourselves, but somehow find the essence of what love you give him on a day to day basis and no that no one is perfect. That each and everyone if us mess up and cause pain, but somehow these are healthy as it teaches your child that your human and that you still love him no matter what happens in life. You made such a lovely effort for his big day and I'm sure one day he will be grateful for it, maybe not today but one day. Sending you a big hug and I hope that things calm and you can both find the courage to hug and make up. Xoxo

  14. You are not alone, Heather! You love your son and, thank goodness for him, you are not perfect. I think a perfect parent must be a very hard role model to live up to. I always feel rotten after a family argument but sometimes, just sometimes, they clear the air and help us move forward with good intentions.

    Hugs from France,


  15. Oh my word - fifteen! I am eighteen months away from that.

    Boys...teenagers - one minute they are loving and irresistible fabulous company the next, picking an argument. It's tough growing up...and being a parent. I'm sure (hope) it doesn't last for ever.

    Nina x

  16. Gosh, it's not easy, being a teenager or being the parent of one either! I wish they came with a manual don't you but they don't so we do the best we can! Lovely shawl by the way, yes where it with pride! :) x

  17. Oh Heather, I'll echo all these wonderful words of wisdom that have been written above me, and say that it will all be ok in the end. You love him, and he knows that deep down, I am sure. Take care. x