birthing a new project

To be honest the last two weeks here have been very difficult. We seem to have fallen off the edge of a precipitous slope that we didn't want to go down, we may still land the right way up, sometimes things need to crash and tumble before they can land in a new way. I hope so.

I felt the need to clear away all my shop things into my craft room, it was taking over the living room, and distracting me from being able to think and act, in a way that I needed to. I also thought it was a bit unfair on teen boy to expect him to live in the middle of frilly heart making! My craft table was slap bang in the middle of the room. So I've cleared that now. I've needed to become a cog in the wheel of what's happening here, without distraction. This week has been a time of climbing into the works in different places and pushing relevant authorities into action. At last.

But it's been hard and stressful for both of us and comfort and safe space has been much needed.
This is my go to comfort soup, potato, carrot, leek, a teaspoon of Swiss bouillon, and chicken pieces (apologies if your vegetarian, it would be nice without too). Together with toasted pitta bread and butter. 
It's warming and hearty,
in fact I make it so much I've almost forgotten how to make anything else!
  this is my new cozy spot.
new beginnings are being made.
The living room actually feels a bit bare now.
I am struggling with the white walls!
I need to make a new blanket.
I feel as though I could sit here on this sheepskin all winter and do just that.
I love this friendly little table too.
It says just sit here a while and think and everything will be alright.

 I need to make a blanket that's earthy and warm. Not too jazzy. I'm feeling jarred and I can't do big colours.
I need soft and gentle with little pops of colour.
I like this paint box picture.

This feels nice and easy.

you can see where it's going already,
although I think you may be surprised when you see the dark grey.
I am loving this charcoal colour right now. 

the colours remind me of pebbles and stone, with little colour pops,
I don't want to be too girly.
Have to have the colour pops though!
Perhaps it because I didn't get to my pebble beach this summer.......

I'm hoping it will look good here,
and warm things up, in a modern and not too girly way (i know I've already said that!)
notice the vintage car and the dark blue.
I think this couch would be nice covered in a denim blue.
It still needs something else.
and maybe another sheepskin rug.
It's definitely getting colder here.
oh and I must dig out my fairy lights, that always works.

I hope I can stick it out, this blanket making mission! I tend to fall into making cushions instead.
I will do my best.

I will faithfully carry my new project on the go bag, to all my appointments.
and not find myself with idle fingers, quietly wishing I had my crochet with me!

Hope you have a nice weekend,


  1. Dearest Heather, your blanket is going to be perfectly gorgeous in your lovely home. I hope the rhythmic action of crochet can help you through the difficult time you are having at the moment. Take care and carry on with comfort food and being cosy xox Penny

  2. Oh pretty cushion, I've been working on my variegated granny square blanket for an age now. It will be finished one day!

  3. Oh Heather, I'm sorry to hear you're going through such a tough time. I do hope things will brighten up soon...
    Your blanket is going to be very nice, snuggly and comforting. I love the grey too.
    Warm wishes from across the North Sea, xh

  4. Oh I love your new blanket ... sometimes pops of colour are just perfectly enough ... hope your hard times become happy ones very soon ... Bee xx

  5. Hi Heather, First of all I have to say that your puppy is just gorgeous... what a little angel! I also love your craft table, I love the look of the brown on top and the white legs, did you do that yourself or did you buy it like that? I really like it! And as usual I'm in love with your crochet, the warm color all around with the pop of color in the middle is perfect! I hope you get that blanket finished, I don't have time for crafts at the moment but over Christmas break I hope to do more! I shall have to live through you until then!
    Tammy xx

  6. Your squares are looking so pretty Heather and I'm sure they'll make a very nice well balanced blanket with the colours you have chosen. Your cosy craft spot is looking very nice and you'll soon have your living room looking and feeling the way you want it too - and your little doggy mate looks so cute under the sheepskin - what a comfort our little furry friends are! I hope 'things' soon settle for you and your son. Wishing you peace and tranquility!
    Warm hugs, Joy x

  7. Love your new blanket. Sorry things are not good for you right now. being creative always helps.
    Jacqui x

  8. I'm a new follower. I came here through a link at the Lacy Crochet blog. It appears we have a couple of hobbies in common. Enjoyed looking through your blog.

  9. I adore your new project - I love greys and creams and I think the blanket will look gorgeous! The little pops of colour will be perfect throughout. I have a CAL going on if you'd like to link in - I figure it's a good way for me to actually finish my blanket and not just turn it into a cushion! You will get through this rough time, you always seem to know how to ensure the comforts are there to cushion a blow...little things like soup and clear living space can make an enormous difference. Chrissie x

  10. Oh Heather, I hate that things get so difficult at times, I hope with all my heart you soon start to feel some stability. I know how you feel about clearing space, as you know I've been doing that too, and it's helped, I feel I can breath again! I love that crochet....please stick with the blanket, it will look fab there! :) x

  11. Heather I'm so sorry to hear that you are gong through a tough time. I really hope that this crash brings something positive out for you. I too find comfort in soup so keep enjoying it looks and sounds delicious. I really love the look of your pretty table and sheepskin rug over that chair. Your new blanket is going to be gorgeous. I love all the colours that you chose and there is something so lovely about grey, a very understated colour indeed. Hope you continue to find comfort in your crochet. All the best xoxo

  12. Teenage times are tough for everyone around i guess. Still have a long way to go for me but dreading it already! Crochet does definitely help i am sure, keep at it and i am sure sunny days are not too far away :) Love the little bit of color pops and the neutral shades. Adds such a vintage and quaint look to the room. Please continue and make it into a blanket...please :)

  13. Sorry to hear it's been a challenging few weeks for you. I really hope things have improved some, and I can understand why you need a clutter free living space, both physically and emotionally.

    I love the look of that potential blanket. The paintbox idea is gorgeous. I think that blanket, along with another sheepskin and some fairy lights will add so much warmth to your living space, it will be very snug and stylish indeed. xx

  14. Love your crochet cushion on your couch; it's beautiful. And what a lovely beginning to a new blanket. Hope you're having a happier week. x