this morning I have been......

* watching my world slowly warm up from the first cold crispy frost last night. I woke up cold in the night, now I know why! There will be extra layers on tonight.

* wanting to connect back here again, after slightly losing my way.

* hoping the desperately needed aid reaches the people in the Phillippines.

* deciding that today I will practise asking people 'and how are you today?' in a way that sounds like I mean it.

* feeling glad I remembered to bring in the Geraniums before the frost.

* wanting to find a way forwards for my teenager who is now at home. Can I really teach science.

* wondering what happened to the little green pea planet called Pluto, which seems to have disappeared from the now 8 planet solar system! did I miss something.

* trying to make my mind move forwards out of my inertia. We can live life in a way that works for us. Even if it's not the norm.

* reminding myself i can make empowering decisions. I don't have to wait for other people to act. Could be waiting along time......

* looking forward to finishing my new blanket, my knees are cold! I will show you more soon.

and how are you today?



  1. …I'm ready to go to bed now!!!! Today has been lovely, because of a lovely chit chatting at lunch with an old friend of mine!!!!! And, of course, some crocheting!!!
    Philippines are not far away from here…….so sorry for all the people over there…..
    Pluto is no more a planet….science is no more the same stuff we used to know!!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

  2. snap on the geraniums!
    yes pluto was downgraded a few years back!
    ps at least the cold means our quilts get used, there is a purpose for making them!

  3. A meaningful morning, looks like you are getting back on track! Sending *warm* hugs and well wishes! Chrissie x

  4. Heather I really enjoy your posts. Hope the track leads gently downhill for you for a while x

  5. Sending you hugs .Making ripple bankets in winter is great,keeping you warm as you hook!

  6. Oh I would love to have a blanket to warm my knees tonight too ... lovely thoughts ... Bee xx

  7. You are so sweet Heather - always straightforward, honest and true and I really loved reading and getting an insight into what you are thinking and feeling this morning! Thank you for sharing yourself so beautifully! Me? It's 6.00 am as I type and I've been up for an hour drinking hot lemon water and catching up on lovely blogs like yours - soon it'll be breakfast and a nice walk - if it's not raining! Then Christmas gift making. Wishing you lots of happies and sending warm hugs. Joy xo

  8. I'm not too bad, thank you so much for asking Heather... I am with you on the Philippines, I used to live on Guam, and I have to say that when you're out in the Pacific on an Island you feel a bit desolate to start with.
    The answer is YES, you can teach Science. Are you planning on homeschooling? If you are, and if you ever need any sort of support... I'm here for you, I also know countless teachers and many families that home school... IF that is your plan, I wish you well... I know so many successful stories.
    I do love your blog and I'm so glad you're back... and yes, I'm so sad to say Heather, that Pluto has left our Solar System... sigh. It was a sad day....
    Much love to you,

  9. If I can teach science you can :) One of my boys was home schooled until he went to university aged 16. They were great years, those years x

  10. It sounds like a pretty good morning to me, full of optimism, sense and consideration, which is what we all need to do a little more of every day. Yes I do hope the aid gets to the Phillipines, it is so tragic!! I too fortunately brought my geraniums in at the end of last week and I am now feeling rather pleased with myself as they are back in flower and oh how I love them. I am sure you will somehow manage science, you might even impress yourself a little, just don't try and include Pluto in the equation (:-)). Thank you so much for your very supportive and endearing comment on my blog, it really meant so much to me Heather, you are genuinely lovely!! xoxo

  11. I'm fine, thank you, Heather. And how are you today? :-) I cannot get my mind around the suffering in the Phillipines. It's too hard to comprehend.

    On a much more cheerful note, I am looking forward to seeing your blanket!

    I like asking people how they are, really I do, but since learning that 'comment ça va' derives from the original sixteenth-century question 'how is your intestinal transit faring' I feel a little strange asking people that! Weird, right?


  12. Amazing isn't it that 'they' can just change the distinction of what a planet is, as if they own it. My geraniums are still outside flowering, the only things that are. Your crochet photos are beautiful, am beginning to think I'm the only blogger who can't crochet. take care. x

  13. Love your window seat and view. Take care Heather xo

  14. Love your blog! I found you via Ted and Agnes, following you now. Yes, you can teach Science, with a good text book, the Internet, and anything by Brian Cox makes it all crystal clear! Good luck!

  15. I missed the bit about Pluto too...you are not alone ( no pun intended re alien life!!) Sarah xo

  16. The temperature has really dropped, evenings now with blankets over knees getting cosy. Keep warm :) xx

  17. This is a very thoughtful post. I am sure you can teach science, among other things, with the right support and help. Are you home schooling? A few of my friends have gone this way lately and it appeals to me in so many ways, which rather surprised me! Don't forget, no two families "norms" are the same. Do what is right for yours. xx

  18. Yes, the Pluto thing was a what-the-heck moment for me too when I heard about it.

    I'm new to your blog and am enjoying catching up. That cozy window-corner alone is lovely.

    Have a good week. :)