it's a kind of magic......

Golden birch leaves, shining in the sunshine, against a bright blue sky. One of my favourite sights in the autumn. it makes a kind of magic........,
in fact days like this make everything a-okay.

just stunning!

Pale gold twinkling leaves, fluttering gently in the breeze. A beautiful park strewn with crunchy leaves.
A blue sky and the sunshine. Big lung fulls of fresh air. What more could you ask for.

oh yes, pretty shops and coffee, had that too!

and this autumn I have been bobbed!
and I look a little worn here, and am feeling a little worn.......but that aside,
I now feel a whole lot lighter.

I am lucky that I have a lovely hairdresser, who works in a little shop upstairs on her own.
and probably due to this discreet location, said lovely hair dresser now knows far more about me than is probably necessary. And I'm sure this is true of most!

She works her own kind of magic too.
An absolute character. I would say a healer disguised as a hairdresser.
We had silly girl giggles over the word 'elevation' and we were talking about hair! 
a really most necessary word when discussing 'bobs' you know.

and she gives you a big hug when you leave, she tells me she hugs all her clients,
even the little old ladies,
so sweet, we all need a hug sometimes don't we.

Anyway, I now feel elevated, hair wise.
and I'm still getting used to the 'new' me. 

oh and a lovely rose for you found on my travels!
have a good weekend,



  1. Hi Heather.what a lovely post. So glad you are feeling lighter,brighter and bobbier!
    Have you read the Daymaker. A wonderful book written by David Wagner .. A hairderesser. I bet your wonderful one has .

  2. Your hairdresser sounds amazing, I love that she hugs all her clients! I once felt I had too much of everything, too many clothes, too many books and too much hair on my head...I decided to get rid of something and opted for my hair as my books were too precious and hair grows back again... I had it just about all shaved off, a number 2 on the shearers, I felt amazingly liberated and I hope that you do too, now that you have been bobbed. Looks great by the way and thank you for that beautiful crisp photo of the Birch tree, stunning xox Penny

  3. Lovely golden leaves….fluttering gently in the breeze….I love this description!!!! I miss autumn so badly!!!!
    Your hairdresser rocks and I really like your new hair cut!!!!! You rock, too!!!!
    A hug from far far away, love, xxxxx Ale

  4. You and your hair are looking ever so pretty Heather, and how nice that you have such a wonderful person for your hairdresser. I love how you've written about the beautiful birches - I too love them: the house we sold before moving where we are now was called Birchwood Cottage and there were seven of the trees and a wonderful big garden but, we do have one silver birch here. Sadly, the previous owner had tried to change it into a 'weeping birch' and made a terrible mess of its middle!!! We still love it though! I hope your feel-good weather continues and you manage to have a full big dose of happies to keep you going! Warm hugs, Joy xo

  5. Ah, there's nothing like a well-cut bob to make one feel brand new! My haircut of choice, yours looks beautiful! I love your photos and words about nature, as always! Chrissie x

  6. Love the hair! I was bobbed earlier this year, though I really don't remember anything about being elevated, next up, I'm getting a choppy, shorter do. Fed up with my hair. I think I need your hairdresser ... mine doesn't give hugs or get giggly.

    And yes, nothing beats bright autumn leaves against a blue sky ... gorgeous uplifting image :)

    1. ha! yes it was all about the back going up at an angle!

  7. A good haircut and blether (Scots for chat) can work wonders!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  8. You are looking amazing as usual:) I like your hair so much...
    And I liked also rest of images...
    Have a wonderful weekend...

  9. Your hair looks great, glad your enjoying the new you! :) x

  10. Hi Heather, I love your new do and I don't think you look as worn as me.....I don't like to look in the mirror these days.
    Your hairdresser sounds lovely, so nice you can chat in private and a hug works wonders I find.
    Jacquie x

  11. Well for starters I just can't get the song out of my head now, its a kinda magic ....! Love the bob it really suits you and also a big fan of Silver Birches. Enjoy your weekend xoxo

  12. Hi Heather, your new *bob* looks lovely, and how nice to get a haircut and a hug! Many moons ago I had a hair dresser who would run next door and buy delicious ice-cream for his customers! Enjoy those blue sky days. x

  13. Lovely haircut and birch tree, I love birch trees. I had a haircut today too (nearly a bob!), really is nothing you can do when having a haircut but sit and chat, mine came with lemon and ginger tea too. x

  14. I'm loving the new haircut! It really suits you, and I don't think you look worn, even though you might feel it and you have the most amazing and beautiful skin.
    Birch trees are magical and so beautiful...
    Have a nice weekend,

  15. The Birch tree is beautiful. Like the hair. Jacqui

  16. L O V E the selfie. The cut frames your face well. You look so youthful/playful.

  17. L O V E the selfie. The cut frames your face well. You look so youthful/playful.

  18. I love the Autumn photos at the start of your post, and your hairdresser sounds terrific, we all need a hug sometimes!

  19. Hi Heather, I have just discovered your lovely blog. I shall look forward to following! Sarah xo

  20. Haha! I LOVE visiting here and so enjoy your posts (even if these days I rarely find the time to comment :(). I have been thinking of you ALOT, maybe one of my upcoming posts will reveal you why :)
    Big hugs,
    Monica xoxo

  21. That is one gorgeous haircut, you look beautiful. Nothing beats the feeling of leaving a hairdressers with new hair and feeling all bouncy and light. Your hairdresser sounds totally amazing, I want to go to her. I like mine because she isn't chatty. I like to be quiet, can't bear the inane chatter. And she's cheap too, even better! x

  22. Hello Heather, I've just found you and couldn't stop reading your writing, so will have to settle down later and have another go, take care. x

  23. Stunning indeed! Love the golden leaves on that tree