a 'homemade at my place' christmas tree!

love, love, LOVE this!
thank you Alessandra for your wonderful tutorial and idea.
At Homemade at my place, you will see that Alessandra's natural enthusiasum and love of her craft and colour really shine through. Her colourful and exuberant crafts are handmade at her home in Jakarta, Indonisia, and she often takes us on little 'walks' around the neighbourhood! We don't quite have a winter wonderland landscape here yet either. I love this little tree and plan to keep it as a keepsake, getting it out every year and enjoying it at christmas.

I also loved adding a little touch of sparkle with the star and some glittery thread. The glittery thread has of course sparked a whole other project which I'll show you soon......!
So you can see I've been having fun with this little tree, but it's actually going to sit comfortably above our family rules! it has a perfect little place.

 Although I think some gentle reminders need to made here......!

I expect like lots of you, I'm making several different things at once at this point, but it's coming together and we do have 12 days til the big day! Actually it won't be so big here, but we'll make it christmasey anyway.

so happy makings,


  1. Heather your christmas tree is beautiful! I spoke to my eldest daughter zoe today, i was trying to sound like i was not getting over whelmed about the big day, when, she said "mum be grateful we are not living in syria, with freezing conditions, no shoes on our feet, hungry and the only other clothes apart from those on our back are the clothes frozen with ice on the washing line!" That stopped me in my tracks. x

  2. Oh Heather it's gorgeous - and I'm sure it's going to remain up long after Christmas has been and gone. In fact you could have one for each season! Well done x Jane

  3. How I love your little tree Heather - such lovely colour choices too - and it IS the perfect place for it to be! Hugs, Joy xo

  4. Your little tree is gorgeous! Such a lovely idea. I'm not quite sure that I have the skills but you have inspired me to try
    Jille x

  5. I have no words….or maybe too many to write down and I'm not really good at this!
    Thank you with all my heart Heather, for your lovely words, for following my tutorial and for giving me even the honour of a post title!!!! I'm so moved that some little tears are on my cheeks right now…
    Thank you, thank you and thank you for this adorable tree and for being such a good bloggy friend,
    love xxxxxx Ale

  6. Love the little tree. Merry Christmas. Jacqui x

  7. Such a beautiful tree, looks gorgeous! Happy weekend xx

  8. Did you also make the hanging pom poms, they look lovely too.

    1. I got them from the shop at www.bybjor.blogspot.co.uk, last year.

  9. Dear Heather,
    I've visited more than once but had no time to quietely comment.
    Your crocheted tree is adorable, so "you" :) and I love it on the family rule board. I hope to see more of your festive touches around your home... Even if the big day will be a bit solitary and without lots of food and noise, it doesn't mean we don't celebrate! Just in a different way :)
    Hugs to you,
    Monica xo

  10. How sweet is this tree?! Love it! Hope your family members are following the rules, and are helping you get ready for Christmas!

  11. Oh that is soooo cute and sweet! Love the colors you used too! Merry Christmas!! xo Holly

  12. Love your tree and family rules! Enjoy the run up to Christmas Sarah xo

  13. Love your version of Ales' tree, so cute.......and Ale is such an inspiring crafter too.......x

  14. Hi Heather, It really is quite lovely and the bit of sparkle just give it that extra bit of pop!!! You're right about the so many things going on at the same time!!! Can't wait to see your sparkly project!!! Have a happy crafty week!!!

  15. Love this little tree. Doesn't look too difficult either so could give it a try. Quiet Christmas for us too but maybe a good thing this year.

  16. I absolutely love this! It looks especially nice hung above your "rules" next to that colourful garland. I like the way you made the photos sparkly, too, what fun. x