it's coming.....!

The first decoration on the dog-walkers christmas tree! has arrived. I love my morning walks here on top of the common with my little dog. Sometimes it's very blustery and at least 10 degrees colder than down below. We wrap up in woollens and head into the wind with our eyes watering. Little dog has decided she doesn't like wearing her coat anymore, more fool her!

and here's the first doggy christmas card! There will be a box left under the tree, which is actually a hawthorne bush, for collections of food and money for the local dogs rescue. It's a well known sight around here, with people coming up to see it in all it's splendor later on.

every day I admire this little tree as I come past. It has the most amazing backdrop of beech and birch trees down below. There's quite a high slope here, it's really so scenic. The red berries against the subtle misty winter landscape stops me in my tracks. My mornings are very different now. We haven't quite landed in a new routine yet, but they no longer look like this.

In our town it's lovely to be out after dark now and see the lights and spot the houses on the way home that are all lit up. This is where the local skateboarders hang out! Flipping up and down the steps and around the pavement.

I expect I'll be down in the town several times this week buying last minute pressies! It looks quiet here now but I don't think it will next week.

A quick peek in the church which has been decorated in trees by local businesses.

really I thought this one was very clever, A tree made from books! by the local hospital education.

I have my little advent tree up now on my table, I can't find my advent star anywhere! I think the big tree will go up in the next couple of days. It's nice seeing bits of festive sparkle beginning to arrive. Oh and I have put up my rather lovely christmas fairy, she just needs a new bulb so she can do her glowy thing and then I will show you!

and this is where it's all happening right now. I little glimpse of sparkly projects as well. This year I have been using some coloured foil sheeting to wrap small presents, it's lovely. It's like wrapping with a box of quaility street sweets! Very christmassey, I think. And in case you need to know, last second class post is on Wednesday and last first class post is on Friday, in the UK! and to throw in some zen like thoughts, if it happens, it happens. If it doesn't forget it for this year!

Catch you later in the week with more christmas sparkle no doubt,



  1. I like to see sweets things coming again, year after year, like your dogs christmas tree…..
    I feel at home, cosy and happy!!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

    1. it's so true i think I may have done this post last year too! x

  2. Love the dogs Christmas tree! It feels so cosy n festive at the same time, i wish i could come n take a walk down your town's light up roads :)

  3. Everything is looking so good around you Heather - the dog-walker's tree (what a great idea) and the lovely berried tree, to the sweet views of your town by night; the gorgeous decorated trees in the church, especially the one made from books - and not least your lovely makes! A lovely Christmassy post; thank you for a little glimpse into your special times! Hugs, Joy xo

  4. It's all so pretty! What a neat and cute idea for the dog tree and love the little book tree!! Your presents look so cute too!! Happy Holidays!! xo Holly

  5. I love the idea of the dog walkers tree and the foil wrap is lovely...however the crochet being wrapped up is even lovelier!! Sarah xo

  6. What lovely pics I love the book Christmas tree

  7. Hi Heather, I am so happy I found your blog again. I found you through the lovely Ms Joy at JoyJinks Creations. I just love your post today...very Christmasy!! Really love the book tree-a very unique idea!
    Happy Holidays!
    xoxo Shari @ the stitch pattern

  8. Hi Heather, Love the doggy tree!!! Can't wait to see more of it!!!! I remember it from last year and I think it's a brilliant project!!! Your worktable looks so organized!!! I try and keep it tidy but by day 2 it's all just chaos, then I ignore it till I'm done and then I enjoy the big clean up!!!! Looks very Chrismasy down your way and your little town looks just lovely!!! Have a great creative and happy week!!!

  9. It all looks so festive. Merry Christmas x

  10. That's a lovely idea of the tree, looking forward to seeing a photo at a later stage when more things have been added. Hope you have a happy Christmas.

  11. Love the dog tree idea, we all need one in our towns or villages. Thank you so much for the shop tour, if I am honest it is one of the many things I really miss about being mobile. It certainly gets you in the festive spirit. The upside is that I don't spend money and I get to do everything handmade, with the exception of lego and a few other kids toys. I love your Christmas pressie conveyer belt you have going there, its looking very pretty and its not even wrapped yet. Hope you have fun putting up the tree xoxo

  12. Me encantan las fotografĂ­as, trasmiten, son geniales. Ha estado un regalo el visitar tu bloc, te invito visitar el mio y si te gusta espero que te hagas seguidora.

  13. So many different trees! Love the book one! You are well on your way with your decorating -apart from cards, our house doesn't look very festive at the moment, waiting for term to finish to put up all the pretties,