Rosehip, and pretty touches

Just before christmas I received the most lovely give-away gift through the post, all the way from Canada. A beautiful crochet trim pillowcase from the lovely Rosehip. I was totally thrilled and a little awed that I would receive such a pretty gift.

The whole package gave a little jingle as it had two sweet bells attached to it! A lovely idea. Lovely packaging with gentle care instructions. I was allowed to choose the fabric and I choose this lovely purple and blue ditsy floral fabric with her famous crochet trim in a palest blue. So pretty. 

Just ready to be placed on top of my freshly made bed!

Thank you Beata, it's beautiful and I will treasure it and look after it. Sigh. What a lovely bloggy world this is.

Which is why we spend so much time here I guess....

Looking at other peoples pillow cases and such like!

This room has been part of a recent move around. While I'm here I'll show you my ceiling lamp which still has a decoration up.

I've loved this and yes the lightbulbs missing! I kept this up since last christmas because I liked it so much. It's still there so far. It's my version of an Anthropology style chandelier! Actually this is the first chandelier style lamp I've ever had and they are lovely. Apparently not such good fengshui hanging above the bed though.....! I've heaved my big desk in here which I'll show you when it's all landed.

I wanted to clear some space in my craft room. I'll show you how it's looking right now, but it may all move again. I think I may need the light from under the window.

There's quite a lot of stuff here. I still need to make a clearer space to work in. And I think I might change the yellow. But I do love all this Stuff!

Shelves of loveliness, need I say more....... I have found some really pretty things lately. I have some ideas for making some new inspiration boards and framing things. It's time to make holes in those walls!


This week. I was feeling a little exposed with my photo here. So I've taken it down. I'm still not sure how I want to represent myself here, so I'll leave it off for now.

I also had a helluva of a meeting two days ago with seven people all representing different elements of my sons education and where we go from here. There are several different schools of thought, with not everyone agreeing. We just need to go step by step. I know I haven't told the whole story here, but it's difficult when it someone else's story too.  

I found all the different peoples energy difficult to process. It takes me ages to do that. I'm still doing it now. When I left the meeting I filled up my car with a whole tank of the wrong petrol. So I have no car right now either.

But I'm pleased to report that after having a bright green screen for most of the week I can now see you all in glorified colour. And how nice that is too.

Oh and I'm making, making, making, and a new cushion. So nice, I wasn't sure if I would carry on making them.... But I am, and I will show you soon.

So 'be happy'
and here's to finding our way through.


  1. I love your crafty corner!!!!! so cosy!!!!!
    ….even the pillow case from Beata….not bad, my dear!!!!
    I just wanted to hug you, xxxx Ale

  2. Dearest Heather
    You so deserved to have won that pretty pillow slip, it's perfect for you, enjoy! I have craft room envy ;o) I am still dreaming of something similar one day x
    Hope you are able to have all the info regarding your sons education settle in your mind and that together you will make what is right for him x

  3. The pillow case is lovely! I'm sorry the meeting about your son's education was so stressful. Hopefully the right answer will make itself apparent. And I know what you mean about it being difficult blogging about some things when it's other people's stuff too, not just your own.

  4. That pillow case is beautiful and I'm sure it will help rest your mind with its kindness.

    We've had some dreadful times with a care situation and the quality of 'support' available. I wouldn't even contemplate offering advice, as only you know the situation, but I would say bear in mind that YOU know the situation and your son best, You and your son have to live with the outcome of any interventions or changes and unless there is some life or death imperative then take as much time as you need to reflect on the best course of action.

    Remember too that there are other peoples values, opinions and ego's involved here and it might be worthwhile asking that each of the contributors puts their recommendations or action plan in writing for your to consider at your leisure. People are very much more circumspect when they put things in writing and this lets you look at the pro's and con's without the pressure of people either persuading you or leaving you dangling to make a decision unsupported. I wish you well.

  5. I would love your sewing room, love the pillow case! best wishes x

  6. Such lovely photos. Completely inspiring. xx

  7. What a pretty giveaway win!!! And your workspace is lovely and pretty! Such a cute little heart! Happy weekend! xo Holly

  8. Your pillow case is beautiful Heather, such a lovely gift, and I love your chandelier and your craft room too - so many lovely things there and really inspiring! I'm sorry you've taken down your photo but it's necessary that you be comfortable and happy! I am sorry also that the meeting was such an ordeal for you - I would feel totally overwhelmed if I had to face seven people all giving their personal and individual opinions on MY son! I have read RedSetter's message above and would like to second it - she makes so much good sense! I wish you the very best dear and hope that everything is soon settled in a way that will benefit both you and your son for your, and his, highest good possible!
    Warm hugs, Joy xo

  9. Your pillowcase is so pretty and I can tell will be much loved! I hope that you can work things through re your son. Sarah xo

  10. I am in adore with your craft room! You have some adorable things and I bet you love being there and just creating, I look forward to seeing the things you make. I have always always always loved crochet on the edge of pillowcases, so I'm going to order a couple of those from the site of the lady that made them, they are lovely. I will continue to pray for your son and the direction in which you are going to be taking with him, the thing is... try not to be intimidated by people in Education, I work in Education and I'm surrounded by these people daily, they put their pants on just like you and me... and I guess I really shouldn't assume that you're intimidated, perhaps that's the wrong word, but they can be a hard pill to swallow... some of them anyway. I admire how much you love and care about your son, in every regards to the word. I know that's what mom's do, but being in Education I see many parents that just don't care about their children, much less their education... You're an amazing person Heather.
    Much love to you and I hope you have a great week,

  11. The pillowcase is beautiful and I know you will enjoy it very much. I hope everything goes smoothly with your son's educational situation. It's not always easy to find the right thing for a child's needs, and I know this from experience both as a parent and as a former teacher. I will hope for wisdom and clarity for all of you involved in the process. Take care and have a good week. :)

  12. Hello lovely and happy new year. Yes I love Beata's pillow cases they are just so beautiful and I think we are all just a tad jealous that you won it! BTW it looks gorgeous on your lovely bed. Speaking of lovely that crafty corner of yours is fab and it looks like to perfect place to get into the groove. Wishing you a very lovely week xoxo

  13. Beautiful pillowcases! I bet they help you have a better nights sleep. I love your shelves of loveliness. lovely indeed... and girl, put holes in those walls! I have some of the weirdest things hanging on my walls! But I love them all. Have a terrific week.

  14. What a lovely pillow slip, and just your style! It is perfect for you. Glad to hear good news re your boy's schooling. And I love your craft room. My husband is going to have the cellar in our new house dug out as a craft room for me, can't wait! All my lovely things are in storage at the moment and it will be a sweet treat to unpack it all again once the building work is finished.

  15. Your craft room is so full of lovely things but also neat and ordered. This is what I crave. Am torn between the desire to declutter and feel less overwhelmed by stuff and a kind of compulsion to keep and collect things which hold memories. Stuff isn't clutter if it looks like this.

    All the best with your son. Sometimes as a teacher have been on the other side of your situation and feel kind of guilty because of that.

  16. Thanks for the lovely, lovely mention, Heather! I love the way everything looks on your bed - very inviting.. and that chandelier, yummy! Beads and baubles... I like that and, you're right, it definitely works all year round! I'm also spying lots of pretty fabric in your craft room -- thanks for sharing these photos with us!

    Beata xox
    PS. Hope it all works out well with your son...

  17. What a beautiful pillowcase. And your craft room is incredible! All that stuff, all that amazing, inspiring, creative, beautiful stuff, just bursting with potential.

    That meeting sounded draining but you sound quite upbeat so I am very much hoping that things are slowly working themselves out and that you and your son are finding your way through. xx

  18. Hello there ..... I have just stumbled upon your lovely blog via the amazing Rosehip and I'm so glad i did!
    Such a beautiful pillowcase, her work is wonderful.
    I adore your craft room and your home looks so cosy.
    I hope things run smoothly for you and your son, that sounds like a very stressful meeting.
    love Jooles x x x

  19. Hi Heather, What a lovely parcel!!! Love the lilac!!!! I love all the loveliness that fills your home!!! Don't fret too much, it will all become clear as to the path you have to follow!!! Just trust your gut instincts and dont be bullied into what other people think would be best!!! Have a fantastic week!!!