chalk painting, cakes and the evening light

Here is a little peek at my new chalk painted table. I'm really pleased how it's finished up. I will show you more shots soon and perhaps do a little chalk painting post. Chalk painting turns into a mission. I can share that with you. These sweet little cakes were on sale, 23p each!! and I won't be able to share these because I can tell you I ate them all. In the quest for keeping up moral and all that.

article by Greedy for colour

Another thing which slipped into my basket this week, was the Simply Crochet magazine. I've become quite good at not buying magazines but I think the thing that toppled me was this article,

How to make Becky Garratt's rainbow daschund. So cute, I have spotted him before.
One day sweet doggy, You will be mine!

moral boosting things!

So anyway, on with the chalk painting. The table is a success. It's very bright. Very. We could wear sunglasses while we eat. It's bounces a huge amount of light into the room. All good. But then, I decided to paint the bench.......after mistakenly buying paint that was just not the right colour. I was looking for a gentle grey/blue and it ended up looking like an undercoat. What really exasperated me was that I've made the very same mistake before. I've probably gone through same thought process and pointed at the same colour again. What a ninny. I was a bit cross with myself. 

So the only thing to do was grab the remainder of the chalk paint. I slung some into a jar and mixed in some pale green acrylic in a kind of I just don't care anymore. Started painted. I had a kind of vintage green idea, but this wasn't going to be right either. So I went back to the white. We'll go with white. Just paint. Paint the slats, more slats, back of the slats, the side of the slats........I could see this was going to take time. I started to lose the will to live at this point! 
Chalk paint on a bench is not a good idea. Life is like that sometimes. It's all part of the creative journey!! But I've started now and I will get there in the end.

Why it was so important to have a white painted bench and table I couldn't tell you right now.
Infact I can now see there is a whole other world out there. Away from the chalk paint....

called out into the evening light.
 Some beautiful moments at the end of the day. I had a little wander. It just helped me to put everything back into context.

bathed in a golden light
It's so easy to lose track of the important things. I'm usually trying to avoid something difficult when I get like this.

the evening sun
Time to breathe out, everything is okay. If a little intense at times.

a golden sun going down.

and there is a whole lovely world out there.
back soon.



  1. a deep breath and the magic is done !!!!!
    hugs and xxxxxxx, Ale

  2. Very pretty photos indeed, even if it took a few deep breaths and some tasty cakes to get them! ;-) Chrissie x

  3. You ate all those cakes yourself? Good for you. You deserve them all after the bench painting debacle. xx

  4. Such a pretty post. The cakes look delicious, I would have eaten them all myself too. :)

  5. How Lovely!!!
    Amazing images and of course the cakes look so tasty....


  6. Great photos and bargain cakes, it really is a good day!

  7. Lovely table, which sets off the cakes and little eggs perfectly! The sunshine through the blossom on the trees is amazing! Well done for your perseverence with the painting; success will prevail in the end!

  8. Pretty cakes on a pretty plate. It's always good to step outside and take a deep breath xx

  9. This is a lovely, springtime post full of hope and positivity. And everything, from white blossom to white table is very pretty!


  10. I want that dachsund too! Don't blame you for eating all the cakes..... they look scrummy.
    Jacqui x

  11. I hope that you and the bench can work out some sort of compromise!! Sounds as though you deserved the cakes - which were a bargain!! xx

  12. the table looks great...you will get there with the bench. I am glad the world called you outside. Your evening sun pictures are amazing. Love when the sun set through the trees and blossoms that way. Breath in...breath out. Have a wonderful week.

  13. Oh dear, paint jobs just don't always work out as we expect them to and I'm sorry you've been having 'fun and games' with it, Heather!
    Your garden shots are so beautiful and relaxing - who wouldn't settle down in such a setting!
    The cakes looked so yummy, well done for getting through them all by yourself - that's your treats for the week then? Happy days, Love, Joy xo

  14. Your garden in the evening light ... perfection :)

    My track record with chalk paint is dire, but I'm good at eating pretty cakes!

  15. Congratulations Heather. Thought I should pop over and look at your Blog, it would be rude not to.

  16. Beautiful - if sometimes exasperating!
    What is that tree bathed in the golden light and with the loose blossom? I've got one, it's always first in my garden, but I have no idea what it is (it has a golden effect even without the sun - very slightly bronzy leaves)… Thanks if you know!!

    1. this I don't know, but it is lovely and I always think it looks quite Oriental. I would love to know more too!

  17. Glad you kept at it because chalk paint looks so lovely, but I don't think I'd have the patience that you did. I'm like you and keep on buying the wrong shade of green. know what I want hut I always get the wrong one mixed up. X


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