my blessings today

I have just been thinking and feeling a little bit lost in doom and gloom, and that really I should be counting my blessings today instead, so here they are:-

I live in a beautiful home.

I have an amazing garden.

I have resources of my own.

I am free.

I live in a democratic society and am free to make my own decisions about life. 

I have a smart, articulate, switched-on son.

I have a dog who is well and healing.

I have a lovely craft room and supplies.

I have good ideas.

I can run and dance!

I have a great mentor.

Today is a good day..........

and on that note I will resume chalk painting my table and look forward to showing you more soon.

p.s. I'm loving this list.


  1. Its not until you read a list like yours that I realise how blessed I am too!

  2. …. thank you for the link to the other list!!!!!
    I like yours too!!!!!
    xxxxxxxxxxxx Ale

  3. I'm glad that you have so many blessings! xx

  4. Thank you for sharing your list. I gave had such a sad week it has helped me refocus x

  5. A great positive list, thank you for sharing! Sarah xo

  6. So well said, thank you!

  7. A beautiful list. It always helps me to remember the postivie things.

  8. Positivity, yes! Have you had your plus signs today? Thanks, Prince, for this mantra. I keep in mind daily, glad you do too.

  9. I love your list Heather, you really do have a beautiful home and you yourself are so vibrant and full of personality as well as beautiful. I agree with you on reminding ourselves of why we should be grateful, I often do lists like this, and yours is a wonderful and beautiful list.
    I hope you're having a great weekend,
    Much love,

  10. I count my blessings every day too!
    Jacqui x

  11. Beautiful Heather ... a perfect way to count your blessings ... Bee xx

    PS What do you think of the chalk paint ... I've just painted a bed for my little one and I'm not sure I'm really that impressed. Looking forward to hearing what you think ... x

  12. A great list - one we should all take note of to remember that life is actually very good.

  13. I share your blessings Heather and am so glad that you posted it ... looking at the big picture, we are so lucky aren't we? It's easy to get in a rut of gloominess dwelling on little things that won't matter tomorrow never mind in 5 years time ... I feel a blog post coming on! Thanks for the inspiration lovely lady!

    Love Claire xxx

  14. You are so blessed! It's only when we actually take the time to sit down and count them that we realise. I find counting my blessings (and positive thinking in general) hugely effective in helping with low mood and anxiety, something CBT taught me. I hope you enjoyed the adventures with chalk paint. x

  15. That is a wonderful list Heather - you are indeed blessed - we are all blessed and I specially feel blessed when I visit you here - you make me think and see, thank you! Love, Joy xo

  16. Hi Heather, love your blog! You have a beautiful home full of personality and the list is so inspiring ! Have a nice week end! ciao :::Silvia