70's disco purse
Imagine the year is 1979. A couple of 10 year old pals are boogieing their hearts out at the disco dancing competition in the local church hall. We are wearing our Olivia Newton-John satin trousers (remember them?), and I might have been wearing a boob tube, but that may have been wishful thinking.

We were probably using all our disco dancing moves from our weekly classes in the hall behind the pub, with the Italian couple who were just like something out of Saturday night fever. Boy did we love those classes. This purse probably held enough money for a packet of cheese and onion crisps. I love it and have kept it all this time.

I'd love to tell you I won. But truthfully, my best friend did. It was well deserved and I'm over it now. Miss. Disco, she even had a little trophy.....


  1. Fab post, and it did make me laugh x are you sure you are really over it x 😉

  2. …. a sweet purse full of memories …..
    xxxxxx Ale

  3. Gosh I remember those days. I had a thin sequin belt that I used to wear with white jeans! X