4.20 pm
Okay, here's the after dinner plan.

Light the wood burner, make tea. Put on comfy trousers. Switch off all media. Not the wifi, because lets face it with a teenager in the house that's not going to happen.

In this warm cosy nest that I have made myself I'm going to lie on that comfy mat and stretch myself out, gently and breathe. I am going to find my way towards some December self-care.

What is it about these dark December evenings of electric lights and media? that makes me feel so, what's the word. Wired? Is it the wifi?....we probably shouldn't start on that. That could be a whole other topic.

Okay, comfy mat, here I come. Have a good evening.



  1. I love your healthy outlook Heather... It's comforting.
    Have a wonderful evening!
    Tammy x

  2. My part of the world is as dark as yours this time of year :)
    I couldn't agree more with your approach to it. xo

  3. ….some relax and good breathing exercises ….. so good!!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

  4. Beautiful photo and that sounds so relaxing. I'm definitely with you with the comfy trousers! X