my favourite camera

Can I have a drum roll......!

Here it is at last, my new purchase, my favourite camera is a Canon EOS 100D. I've had my eye on this for a while. For a long time I have been using what I call my happy snapper, but I felt as though I had to do a lot with the photo to make it presentable. A new camera was definitely in order. Several other bloggers had mentioned this and their photos were good. I think that was ClaireGillian and Annette.

It's a very small and light DSLR camera. A couple of months ago I was in the store where the Canon rep was. He was just as excited about it (of course!) as I was. He obligingly showed me what every single thing on the camera does. All forgotten now! But it's straight forward and does other things, yet to be worked out.

I remember walking into the department store with the camera on my mind. I was thinking to myself at some point you've just got to allow yourself to have it, you have got to believe you deserve it, one way or another.

It could have been an iphone and I could be on instagram, but I'm not, not yet. I'm glad I made this choice. I'm very visual and for me this is the next step. December's photos have all been taken on this.

Of course now I'm lusting over this camera bag. I know wildly expensive, but I think this is the one! I like to carry my camera everywhere even when I walk the dog, and although the camera is small it is still bulky. I like the bag because it's neat and padded and looks like a normal bag.

Well I'll keep on dreaming and see what happens. Other things keep taking priority. Last night the motor on my Hoover broke, and although I wailed 'pleased don't die now!' it did.
So that's another thing.

Oh the grey hair. Yes I still regularly have to look at this pin board, to keep the faith ;-)


  1. Congratulations! I hope you enjoy using it. I think your hair is pretty. :)

  2. Enjoy every minute ... I will look forward to seeing you develop your photographic skills in 2015 xx

  3. Lucky you, certainly an impressive looking camera, hope you enjoy it. Santa has certainly come early...

  4. It is a beautiful camera and takes a gorgeous picture. I love your new header...very seasonal.

  5. Congrats on the camera! Your grey hair is beautiful!

  6. How lovely - once you have figured out how to use it could you let me know please...several years on I have yet to read the instructions for mine so I am sure that I am missing out somewhere! Looking forward to seeing your photos for the season.
    Best wishes
    PS: recently had occasion to use my little red suitcase too

  7. That is a great camera! It will be fun to experiment with it and see what it does. I love your grey hair! It's stunning. :-)

  8. Yay for you!! So glad you were able to purchase it. You totally deserve it. Have fun!!