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I might have had something clever to say at some point. Forgive this post for any lack. It's past my bedtime now. My cards and parcels are ready to send tomorrow and I'm mighty pleased about that.

I've been thinking about my last post about christmas cards and letting go. What I realize is it's me that needs to be revitalized. Me that needs a fresh approach and some new ideas. It's me that's doing the same old same old.

I guess in some cases I was getting ready to jump before I pushed. I have to put myself out there and risk rejection. If that is the case at least I know I'm clearing the decks for something new. I decided to send all my cards one more time and included a small printed note saying that next year I was thinking about doing something different. Whether that be an on-line christmas robin, e-mails, or e-cards. I explained I would give some money to charity instead, there would be less for re-cycling and less spending on stamps! I asked people to let me know their e-mail or suggested they connect with me on facebook.

I'm totally expecting not to hear from some people and I think my list will definitely become smaller.
The main thing is these connections could be enlivened. The possibility is there. People won't just drop of my list and wonder why.

I love making my little handmade cards. I think there will always be room for some of these. They are nice to give out to people I see everyday, neighbours, local friends. A few treasured friends I know love getting them. That's it. We'll see how next year goes. Thanks to Chel, for her idea about this in the comments.

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  1. It is a hard one ... Just listen to the song your heart sings!