a 30 day craftathon

This is so happening too!

And thank you the encouraging nods and requests for more info on my last post. Stretching and movement is my other passion. It doesn't mean I do it all the time, but it's part of who I am, just like creating and making is. I need to have a little think about how I can best bring that here, I'm not a qualified teacher, but I will come up with something.

In the meantime I am re-connecting with my unfinished projects. There are so many! Each day I move a little further forwards with something. I have two more finished cushions for my shop now, and that feels good. I will show you soon.

I wanted to show you these.

I know twins......I found another. It had just been cleaned and put out on display, and then I appeared. I just couldn't leave it behind. Look it's exactly the same, what are the chances!

It's a double sign from the universe. For gods sake, just get on with it!.....

I always wondered if I would have twins at 45, (almost 46 now, so that's not going to happen!)

Also, not  trying to make that happen.

I'll take these though.

I think it's time to double those aspirations. Onwards and upwards!


  1. Congrats on your new arrival! X

  2. Amazing Heather!
    Another little red suitcase just waiting for you....
    Well done for finishing your cushions and making headway on your other projects

    Fiona X

  3. Double good luck. Auspicious I would say x

  4. Two red suitcases! Fabulous for storing your favourite yarns, etc.! There's a great energy in this blog of yours, Heather!


  5. Obviously a sign and meant to be!! I am sure that you will have lots of yarny crafty fun and travels with these two. Twice as Nice!! xx

  6. I just happened to find your blog today and have felt right at home reading your posts and thought I would say hello. I have been in blogland for 6 year now but very sadly had to close my first blog down, since then I have created another but It didn't hold the same magic for me and I lost so many blogging friends because I couldn't let them know I just had to delete it over night. But this year I am feeling the need and the pull to be in this wonderful, creative and friendly little space again. I am loving your vintage red suitcase's I am a huge vintage collector and run vintage fairs where I live so the pull for me was your title the little red suitcase :-) You have a beautiful little space here and I will enjoy reading your posts this year and sharing your little journey. I hope your friends son will reach a peaceful place its so difficult being a teenager. Have a lovely week, best wishes, Dee x

    1. Hi Dee, thanks for the lovely comment! I hope you do find your way again with your blog. It sounds like the moment is right. Thanks for your good wishes. The teenager in question is actually mine. It's just my slightly confusing way of writing about separate family members and step-families! It's hard to know for sure how much is the right amount to share really. Anyway I wish you well with 2015! X

  7. The red vintage suitcase is a real delight but to find another one exactly the same is amazing.

  8. I like your idea for a Craftathon! Cute pics too. Happy day! xhaafner

  9. …. love your twin suitcases!!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

  10. Beautiful crochet! I look forward to seeing your cushions. So glad you found a twin! X

  11. Hello Heather, I found you back, lovely to meet you on my blog today xx and then I was immediately floored by that gorgeous first pic, what is it about a suitcase of pretty yarn that gets me old heart pumping? I'm off to have a look round now....xxx

  12. They are both in such perfect condition! As for twins at 45, ha, don't be so sure, I remember one of my mothers friends became pregnant a couple of years older than that, her teenage daughter was not amused!

  13. 2015 is already bringing good things your way! Glad you found it....it was just meant to be! Have a wonderful week.

  14. I love that you found the second case ... it clearly belongs with you.

    I always thought I'd have twins, every time I got pregnant, but each of the four was on his/her own.