This cup is just right!

I'm not an avid collector of china. But I've been eyeing this cup for a while. It's a nice size, but not too big. The handle is roomy. I can hold it comfortably and hug it's warmth close. I like it's rustic, slightly quirky qualities. It's not too heavy, but heavy enough. I love the colours and the glaze, and it reminds of far off travels. I may have found the perfect cup.....and no one else may use it!

This morning I was crunching through the fresh snow on the common, there was some lovely sunshine too. It's always great to get all that vitamin D in January. You can see there are some houses up here with amazing views. The extremes of weather too. A few days ago I had the spritz and blast hydrotherapy treatment, all free, thanks to the gales and rain! Very revitalizing.

It really is the highlight of living here. I'm not sure how far I walk, but I'm considering getting a pedometer to find out. I probably do about a 30 minute quick march. Sometimes it's a wander and chat depending on who I bump into.

Home to drink a welcoming latte and to meet the plumber who has come to fix a burst cold water pipe in the cabin. I always manage to pick his brain about heating and kilowatts and frost thermostats. I think he may charge me for the time he spends giving me advice...., I think it may be a form of anxiety! Do you worry about your pipes in the loft?....Anyway, discussions about heaters and insulation and boilers, and the realization that there is only so much you can do to prevent cabin pipes from freezing was the outcome. My hardy cabin folks have survived gales and cold this week without any complaint. For them, home is where the wood burner is!



  1. Lovely. I have my favourite cup too, doesn't taste right out of anything else x

  2. Beautiful snowy photos and that cup does look quite lovely. x

  3. I have a favourite cup too, lovely pictures.

  4. Your walk looks and sounds beautiful I wish I was able to step out of the door and be in the fields one day I will be :-) Its a 10 minute drive for us which isn't much really. Enjoy your new cup always nice to have a favourite to drink from. Enjoy the rest of your week to, dee x

  5. Hi Heather, I love the photos of your walk. We haven't had any snow this time.
    I'm stuck at home with a chesty cough today and missing my group walk :0(
    I track my walks using this site.....http://www.walkjogrun.net/
    Yon don't need to join.You can click "create a route" then plot your walk on the satellite map. I don't bother saving my data.
    Hope this helps
    Jacquie x

  6. your cup has the same colours of your snowy pics!!!!!
    xxxxxxx Ale

  7. Yay for new mugs and snowy walks...Have fun!

  8. It is a fabulous cup. I know what you mean about getting just the right one! xx

  9. Hey Heather,
    My current perfect coffee cup was a xmas pressie from my Mum. I think it made an appearance on a recent post of mine. I like a coffee cup to be pottery, and rustic and chunky makes it taste better. When it comes to tea, only a china one will do. Orla Keily is good for that.
    Oh and we have snow envy here in St Ives!
    Leanne xx

  10. Your cup is so pretty. I would love to have more nice china mugs but right now I mostly have cheap ones. Something to collect in the future. It looks like you're having beautiful sunshine after the snow. That's my favorite kind of weather.

  11. I'm a sucker for a nice cup, and have an absolute favourite which must get washed so many times each day...
    And it seems everyone's having heating and plumbing problems at the moment. Those plumbers must be making a fortune! I may send J back to college...
    S x

  12. Such a gorgeous neighbourhood you live in ♥ perfect walking space! Then home to a hot drink in your gorgeous new mug ... sounds perfect. Hope you are having a lovely Saturday Heather xo

  13. You're so lucky to have had a bit of the white stuff! My kids would love to be able to run in the snow! And that cup is lovely!
    I hope you are having a great weekend Heather! I will be in England this summer with my children, I would love to meet up at some point if we can, do you ever get to London?
    Much love,

  14. I know just what you mean about perfect cups. I am just the same. Some cups are just perfectly shaped and weighted and a pleasure to drink from. The common looks spectacular in the snow. xx