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sunlight and daffodils
Thank you for all your kind words on my last post about my poncho!

The above photo is really the sunniest I could find this week. The daffodils were given to me by one of my hardy cabin folks on the day of her three year anniversary of living here. Which is really rather sweet considering right now she wakes up to this in the morning.

a cold and frosty morning
It looks freezing doesn't it, but she seems to like it and be able to cope! I think it toughens you up. I feel quite spoilt living in the house sometimes.

It's been a strange old week here. A week of the most intense sensitivity and soul searching. Which has just suddenly lifted and moved on, leaving me wondering what happened, where it went.

I talked about sensitivity in my finding my way through January post. I wanted to know what it wanted? well I had a light bulb moment after that. It's really quite simple, it wants me to make a boundary. Well of course you might think. But it's just never been that obvious to me. So when I feel like that, I need to make a boundary. It could be with someone, or within my environment, or even with nice people. The point is, it needs to be heard and not ignored.

Sensitivity has been there all week. I saw my mentor and then felt so overwhelmed all I could do was go home and curl up on the floor next to the radiator in a kind of den with my dog. But you know that's what I needed to do, and I felt better for it than if I had tried to carry on. Sometimes things speak really loudly so that they can be heard. Sometimes I'm not so good at listening. For me it's a kind of struggle with processing, which can easily lead to overwhelm. I think my son struggles with the same thing but copes with it in a different way.

It's been the lesson of this winter for me. So I will learn to make boundaries when I need to. Stop and change things if sensitivity starts to make itself heard. This is a huge life lesson for me. Which is why I'm sharing this here.

sunlight and tiny glass bottles ♥
I need to make friends with sensitivity because it has much wisdom and insight to impart, and that's a good thing.

And so I'm listening, and something seems to have suddenly shifted. I'm looking around at the things that inspire me again, the things that uplift me. I want to connect. I've spent a bit of time bringing facebook to life again. My personal and mylittleredsuitcase page. Made some old connections, remembered a part of who I used to be. In a good way. In a boundaried way, that I feel comfortable with, and with folks who make me feel comfortable.

My most inspiring and uplifting thing this week has been discoveringthis track by the singer Laleh a Swedish singer.

I love the dancing. Something about it touches me deeply. The tears flowed in a good way. I just keep watching it. The body is a vehicle of expression. I want to be a dancer. Still! My soul is dancing with them. Please watch!

PS. Also I have popped some new things in my SHOP!



  1. I also have to set some boundries, people who have to much of an opinion in my life. I am very sensitive at the moment and realise I need to listen and nurture my emotions and feelings :) best wishes x

  2. I'm a sensitive soul too and have to be careful not to get upset when thoughtless people make their (unwelcome) opinions known.
    My general rule is three chances. Once I've got beyond that point with someone I move on. Surround yourself with good people and beautiful things - you're worth it.
    S x

  3. I love the images ~ the daffodils in that gorgeous jug, tea pot and tiny owl, the frosty grass and bench & your collection of tiny coloured bottles ... all so beautiful!!! You always capture the day to day events so lovely. Enjoy Curling up at home with your sweet dog and a bit of crochet xo

  4. Hello love, I am still drooling over your poncho from your last post - I am going poncho crazy at the moment, I love that cowl neck granny one by Simone Francis that was in Simply Crochet....divine! I too am highly sensitive which can be a bind, too much overthinking is never productive and as you know I live by the fuck it strategy, immediately sets me back on my path of rainbows and unicorns and usually makes me feel better. xxx

  5. Thank you Emma, truth is I think I made my poncho too long and I may have live by your strategy and pull it back a certain amount! it's okay for sitting tip tapping on the keyboard, but I can't move around for much else! Perhaps armholes would have worked better...!

  6. This is my first visit to your blog -- it's lovely. As a sensitive one myself, I empathise. I'm glad you are taking care of you.