a week of images......

This week I turned off auto focus for the first time. I think this shot was a fluke because I had no idea what I was doing. There were no lights or re-assuring whirr of the autofocus, just myself and the lens.  This is what I wanted it to look like but I'm not sure how I did it.

I loved this scene in the park. I didn't want to get too close. It was such a brave idea for a March birthday. I was wishing for the sun for them. I love the girl in her pink party dress, greeting her guests. 

Light breaking through the clouds on the common. Sometimes I can see the rain coming in across the valley and have to run!

This yellow door. I parked my car in town and went back to get this shot. I love the colour. It's actually a therapy centre. I'm noticing so much more suddenly about my home town. This could become an 'appreciate where I live project'.

I think this is Honeysuckle. It was sweet smelling and I spotted my first Bee of the year there. I like the road signs and the gates and light at the end.

The silvery grey and brown of these Catkins against the Cotswold stone of the Musuem in the park. 

The green of the paint jumped out at me and the bike!

I like this street scene a lot. I like the blue sign, and then all the other signs and signals off down the street, and the passerby. These are very different kinds of photos for me to take. Town and people really calls right now, it feels exciting and different for me, to be seeing things this way. 

Red. Sign. Great message to find in the street in the street.

Playing with marbles. I like the light on the marbles and the colour and shape of the jug they are in. 

This little dog. Contemplating her next jump. I love the colour and light on the water. And yes she did get wet. I looked around to take another photo and there was a splash.  

Flattened glass I found in the carpark. I thought it was dazzling and had the texture I was looking for.

* * * 

All these shots are from the Photo Meditations course I'm taking with Susannah Conway.
You can see more on flickr.

Off to take some more! I love it. See you soon.


  1. So many beautiful shots here Heather. I love taking people shots (but at a distance). My favourite... well I can't pick, but I do love that first shot, the yellow door and the catkins. Brilliant xx

  2. Your photo meditations course is bringing some great shots into the world Heather! I love them, I love how you are appreciating your home town, I love the party scene in the park, wonderful stuff, I'm so glad you are having fun with lovely Susannah :) xxx

  3. Most excellent! I am inspired to do a walk-about in my home town :D

  4. Some beautiful shots. It's funny how somewhere familiar piques your interest all of a sudden. I love the yellow door. Very inviting. A healing colour, which is appropriate for a counselling centre.
    Leanne xx

  5. So nice to slow down and notice the beauty - you seem to have similar flowers to us here in central Europe at the moment…
    Btw, I'd say your honeysuckle is witch hazel - anyone second that? :)

  6. Beautiful photos Heather! Does every home have a jug of marbles? ;) Bee xx

    1. Yes even when they have all grown up I think! X

  7. They're all wonderful shots, keep up the good work! And the view over the common is just gorgeous.

  8. Ooh the image of the glass is wonderful and reminds me of when I used to melt glass onto my pottery class tiles to make glaze. You blog has given me a very happy few minutes just now. Thankyou