`happy hearts`

I wanted to say thank you for all your comments on my Conchetta Conchetta post. I had no idea that in the middle of my photography course that I would be announcing her arrival. I was thinking about it and already had a draft post in my journal from last year, (don't tell her that!).
I wasn't sure the world was ready for Conchetta Conchetta, pronounced Conch(ee)tta Conch(ét)ta, or indeed I was.

another postcard from Conchetta Conchetta's suitcase
Then one night I had a dream about a piece of paper covered in glitter, (purple glitter funnily enough) and a glittery covered pen, and I knew it was time. Her name was quite certainly Conchetta Conchetta. On looking up the meaning of her name, in Spanish it is a reference to the immaculate conception. Which made me laugh when I considered her double name and thought about this post!
A little bit of further investigation led me to this, and it seems as though her name has other similar deviations from around Germany and Italy, so although her exact home village is a bit of a mystery she is indeed a creative maker from over land and sea.

Anyway today is the day to announce that we have made some little cards. 'Happy hearts' with folding cards for messages no less. In the hope that should you wish to send a dear one a little heart and message, you might consider these.

`smile` a happy heart gift card by my little red suitase
You can see the heart now becomes a card! And the heart if you so wish can easily be detached.

Leaving a little card with a message underneath....

`happy day` gift card by my little red suitcase
All that's left to do is dangle the heart in a happy place. All the heart gift cards have a happy place tag on them. They now rather remind me of teabags, the kind with a message attached!

`dear you` a happy heart gift card by my little red suitcase
And of course each little card comes with it's own little matching envelope. The card and envelope are made from recycled paper and the hearts from glorious vintage sheets!

a collage of happy heart gift cards by my little red suitcase
I may be back with some more shop news soon, in between the odd mini adventure of course, as there has been much happy making of late.

So all that's left to say is Olé!
and have a good weekend.


  1. Ole! You've been busy! Those taggy- hearts are adorable. How do you stiffen the hearts? Do you pre-poke holes before you crochet?

    1. that would be telling the tricks of the trade! x

  2. Beautiful cards, you've been working hard. I love that they're made from recycled and vintage paper. CJ xx

  3. LOL, sorry I had to laugh - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToqNa0rqUtY

    But I'm sure there's no confusion here :) Love YOUR Concheeta!!

    1. there is a certain flamboyance here though don't you think. Funny how they were both drawn to that name! x

  4. Ooh love these might give them a go

  5. Oh my, I love them all - well done!
    I hope you had a great weekend.

  6. I'm so glad that there are abundant happies!!
    Leanne xx