some changes....

bathed in pink blossom
Some new changes, a new approach, a new commitment, a new boundary of my time, dare I say it. These are the things I have been thinking about this week.

 This week my blog turned three, I turned 46 and the Himalayan earthquake happened. The last obviously being the most significant. I usually manage to side step most of the news, but this story reached into my very being and touched me. I would even say changed me. That first night I dream't of these people who were trapped and felt their fear and despair.

pink blossom in the park

As I looked around me in the world I couldn't help noticing how meaningless and pointless a lot of things were. It felt like a kind of mirror of truth to hold everything up to. Of course none of us are perfect, I know that. But sometimes we are quite far of the mark and totally caught up in our own pain. We lose sight of the bigger picture, which can be our lives or indeed the world.

a beautiful creation

I can very easily find myself filled up with insignificant things. Stories which don't matter. I can lose track of what does matter. Forget where I am or how I want to be in the world. And we can be in the world, we are not trapped. We can step into our lives and be present. We are so fortunate. We can spare some prayers for these people and we can give up something so we can contribute to the aid effort. It's all we can do. 

And we can stay focused and present for our lives at the same time and the people in them. Nothing else matters.

Museum in the park
I can't read every blog post of everyone I follow. First thing! But I'm a faithful soul, and will be back round at some point. Unless we have both just kind of moved on. I'm trying to shape out what I feel I'm moving into myself, what I'm trying to bring to life here. I have to focus on here to give this a chance.

I'm trying to create a creative business and also negotiating though life with a sixteen year old in the last few months of school. Most of you know I'm a single-parent. My income's going to change. I'd like to create a business plan that will catch me and provide in a new way. I want to work for myself, I'm quite sure of that. And it needs to be creative.

I love what I'm creating here and what I'm learning. I love what's developing and how idea's start to come to life.This is my moment to follow this, to stick with it and see where it leads.
I love how it's looking right now and how the inspiration for changes come without you knowing!

So back to boundaries. I can't read every post and I've had to narrow down who I do follow. I think this must happen to everyone in the end. I've stopped following most big blogs, even the ones that I read from the beginning. Which surprised me. But I think I'm ready to find my own path. I'm hugely grateful for the inspiration though.

Okay so I will be around now and again. I still love flickr. I will try and look through my contacts once a week. Same with instagram. I don't do big follows because I actually do like to follow! and I can't actually follow loads....

So what will I do?......! Well the new boundary for me, who seems to have her day chopped up by many different things is that I am keeping my week, just for me and my son of course and the dog!I'm not going to be available to anyone else until the weekend, for anything.

I'm going to follow this creative business idea. I'm going to be making and stocking my shop. Which may mean quite a few shop posts.So I hope you don't mind about that, but it's time you see.

It's time for me to hear my voice amongst all the background noise and stand up for what I want to represent. It's time to get clear and focus. It's time for me to commit myself to that,
and it feels quite exciting :-)

Thanks for reading.


  1. I'm with you !!!!!
    Go on with your creative business and take care of your loved ones (you included!)!!!!
    I would love to have my business, too, but still wrong place/moment….
    So I'll be here for my family and some bloggy friends !!!! ;oD
    take care and xxxxxxx Ale

    1. Thank you Ale! your moment/place will come. I'm waiting for you to unleash your zany patterns on the world. Where ever you may be! X

  2. It's good to look through occasionally. Some blogs I have followed for a while don't actually post anymore so I look through sometimes to weed through. Enjoy creating your business and doing what you want to do. It's hard setting boundaries, especially with ourselves, but stick to it and you will feel so much more contented and inspired. Take care xx

  3. I hear you girl! In fact there are elements of this post that sound rather familiar to me. Good luck following your dream x

  4. What an exciting post, I'm very happy for you that you're following your dreams, and I'm wishing you every success. I would love to work for myself in some capacity too one day, in a creative way so I understand your thoughts. I'm doing a writing course at the moment, just at the very beginning of it, and I've found this post very inspirational. You talk much sense! Good luck with all that you do, I shall look forward to following your journey. CJ xx

  5. Lovely post.... Good Luck!

  6. Yayy!!! You go girl!!! I really love what you have written and your excitement! Cheering you on!

  7. P.S. Of course I love the blue background! One of my very favorite shades of blue. Oh my. Even more delightful to read your blog now.

  8. Good luck with everything, whatever that may turn out to be and wherever life may take you! xx

  9. Well done you. It sounds like you have a lot of changes ahead. It's a brave decision to start your own business and I really hope that it goes well for you.

  10. Very well said. When many things occur that touch us within a very short period of time, we can feel the catalyst help us reassess much of our status quo.

    I look forward to seeing what you might be able to share with us next. xo

  11. Oh, that sounds exciting. I too am hoping to work for myself - it's almost time for Joe to start pre-school and this year I'm determined to do something creative for a living and be my own boss. No more commuting, mind-numbing meetings or office politics if I can help it!
    Life has most definitely got in the way of my plans recently but I'm ready to pick up the threads and continue. I understand completely how your time can so easily be eaten into - well done for drawing a line and creating some boundaries.
    Good luck, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you get up to.
    S x

  12. Good luck with everything you now chose to do :-) Life is there for us to take and fill anyway we chose a blank canvas waiting to be painted. Best wishes, dee x