a little catch up from the canal......

Hello, hello, it's Friday again. Shall we take a little stroll by the canal together and share some thoughts?.....I couldn't let another week roll by without sharing these pics, taken just a little while back now.
lovely canal boat art
 Life on the canal feels a bit freer I think. Perhaps it's okay to show up here and just share these. This was a gorgeous day, a sun-shining on the water kind of day, with a gentle breeze blowing sparkly ripples.

sparkly ripples!
Lets walk down the path and enjoy that expansive watery feeling, we can just let go of our oughts and our ment to's. They can just bob on by. Take a deep breath, we are just here, and here's a good place.

Sooty the chimney sweeps boat!
We might admire a friendly looking boat or two. 

Saul Junction - a place to watch the boats come by.
We could find a pretty spot to sit and consider how we feel a bit lighter now we let a few things bob off. We might realize that even though they are important, they're not that important.

It's always good to know we can find a way to float along, in a way that works for us :-)

Cotswold canal trust cafe 
There might even be a free cup of tea in it....if it's on a Sunday. You will have to fund the custard creams though.

a little Snoopy boat.
But truly the find of the day might just be a little Snoopy sized boat, just bobbing there ready for  Snoopy sized adventures.....! and you might have to resist the urge to climb in and sail away.

I hope life finds you floating along several things lighter these days.




  1. It's a lovely spot isn't it, I discovered it on a Beavers trip last summer. I saw a really lovely canal boat at Slimbridge a couple of weeks ago, I'd have loved to have photographed it, it had vintage kettles on the roof filled with sempervivens, and some really pretty painting. Wishing you a good weekend Heather. CJ xx

  2. Hey Heather,
    I always find that standing at the tide line and staring out into the blue beyond utterly soothing. It helps to clear my head if I am feeling fuzzy. Lovely photographs. I once went to a very crazy party on a narrow boat on Bristol harbour.
    Have a great weekend,
    Leanne xx

  3. Thank you Heather for sharing your little walk with us. Your photos are
    stunning I especially like the canal boat (photos 3) and oh yes, custard creams.

  4. Lovely photos. I sometimes walk along the Oxford canal during my lunch break, it's so nice to get away for an hour. Have a lovely weekend. :)

  5. That looks delightful, I am rather partial to Custard Creams myself x

  6. Looks so peaceful! Love the photo of the sun shining on the water.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. Such a sweet little boat. It's not often that we would see big barges like these on the canals here in Ireland. Our canals aren't really used that much any more except by our dog molly who loves to swim along the bank add we take our walk!

  8. I admit it, I am green with envy! I would just love to sit by the side of a canal and watch beautiful canal boats chug past at a gentle pace. One day when I retire I will have one and enjoy something I have always wanted to own but never had the time xx

  9. A lovely walk - I like being nosy and peeking inside the houseboats as we walk on by our local canal.

  10. Just looking at the images is a tonic ...a lovely post :)