some summery things.....

summer flower garland
I have been sorting out my craft/work space just lately. Actually I've been sorting out my whole house really. A lot of purging and clearing has been going on here behind the scenes. I think it might be never ending, I've been doing it for years. I'm also good at bringing it in though. But saying that, car loads have left, and it's beginning to feel like there's a little more space around things.

A happy discovery was this garland I found in my bag of crochet things. It's from a couple of years ago. I love it, it reminds me of when I first discovered the joys of crochet. I love all the different colours, you can see that can't you! Some I don't have anymore, lovely Rowan wool.

blues and greens on the common

In life, I feel like I'm getting ready to move into a new role. At home we are just beginning the last 6 weeks of school. After that I will no longer be a Mum of a school age child. It will be college and a whole new chapter. I feel like we are in a transition or getting ready for one.
I want to keep on blogging but I feel I need to wear it loosely.
Really I just want to make sure my focus is where it's needed, especially over this next six weeks.

a Peony saved from the mower
So I stepped back a little from blogging, I kind of gave myself a week or two off. It felt good, to just relax and be a reader instead.
I find it can take a long time to blog, or maybe it's just how I have been doing it.

By the second week I was starting to compose blog posts in my head!

fabric memories
I was sent a lovely gift of this Greensleeves fabric, by Claire from Poppysnest, who kindly agreed to a little blog swap. My Mum had curtains in her living room made from this material, which I spotted on her blog. It's a very much now fabric with Honeysuckle and summer flowers. Thank you Claire.

blue gingham nets
There has been a bit of sewing recently.
These blue gingham nets are a little experiment around where we eat. I was hoping to encourage my teen to sit here again, now it feels a little less like a gold fish bowl! I like it, it feels a bit cafe style, and a bit more private. Not that I want to shut anyone out, but the arrangement of people moving around here has changed thanks to a stuck door. Some of you might remember I have a couple of hardy cabin dwellers living here too. We share some parts of the house. There are some things you not allowed to build in your garden, without serious planning permission anyway!

lego vintage style caravan
 Well who spotted the cavaran?! This was a christmas present to me from my teen who found a long forgotten still valid lego voucher! The only things he would have ordered cost hundreds, and it wasn't going to happen. So I asked if he wouldn't mind me very much getting the caravan! I know, it's really childish. It took me about 5 months to make it. Isn't it sweet and why do they always put in extra parts?! I think it was the bunting and flowers on the window sill which sold it to me. Oh and the back opens and the sunbeds come out, easy now!

Anyway back to grown up things.

I made a little place for plants and crystals.

 I think I may be a bit more relaxed about blogging, whatever that means. Of course you will often find me and my photos on flickr and a little bit on instagram, which I like as much as putting a nice sweet in my mouth and then forgetting about it once it's eaten!

widflowers on the common
And you will always find me up here everyday with my camera, because this is my sanity and my breathing out, oh and my exercise!

the first climbing rose
So until next time, go well, and enjoy the weekend.


  1. Love the caravan! And so nice to see a post from you. The flowers are gorgeous, summer has suddenly arrived hasn't it. I hope you have a good weekend. CJ xx

  2. A lovely post. I think your gingham nets are gorgeous and wish I could have something similar in our house. I know just what you mean about the cuteness of some toys - I am slightly obsessed with my daughter's Sylvanian Families caravan. It's the accessories that do it for me I think. Good luck with the final 6 weeks of the school year. xx

  3. I love the caravan and your flower garland! Great to hear from you! xx

  4. Your little caravan is the sweetest!x

  5. …next chapter …. a college boy …. just 6 months…. I have to enjoy this coming two years with Matteo, then it will be our time, too…. our first college boy…. sigh!
    happy weekend Heather, xxxxx Ale

  6. A good clean out of "stuff" can be very refreshing. I love the Lego caravan! And I know what you mean about it taking quite a bit of time to blog. I find the same thing myself, and wonder if most other bloggers spend so much time composing their posts.

  7. I love the caravan. There is very little better to while away some time than a quick play. Some sociologist called us Homo Ludens, playing man, and I think we win when we remember that life is a game to enjoy. It makes me want to get my daughter's Sylvanian Families out and play, now!
    And times when our life changes are good times to have a break and think the next things through. I will love reading the next things you post, whenever you post them.

  8. You do sound very relaxed and happy; it's reflected in your writing. Perhaps this approach to blogging is the way to go!
    I love that little caravan. And I always suggest to Joe we play Lego (well, Duplo) so I can build houses 'for him'.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    S x

  9. You have exciting times ahead! My son left school last summer and has spent his first year in college changing dramatically. He became a man this year, more responsible and independent. It turned another page in the chapter of parenthood I can tell you, but I have found this year the most rewarding. I have had a relaxed attitude to blogging over the past few weeks too, maybe because of the business of this season and grabbing hold of any good weather, however it is good to recharge the batteries on the creative side! Enjoy your declutter and the great times ahead xx

  10. Being on the cusp of a transistion is always an interesting time. Sometimes we think we can predict the future, but often the future requires us to actually travel through it to begin to understand some transistions.

    Blogging can be whatever we wish it to be...for me, that is part of its appeal.

    Your landscape views where you've taken walks is rather fabulous! Those checkered nets have a light-hearted appeal. The re-discovered floral garland is a winner. The lego caravan is amazing...I am so sorry that my own childhood arrived decades before lego's. I really missed that joyful bus.

    Best wishes. xo

  11. Blogging has to fit in with you and yours, I think. I don't have as much time to devote to it as I did. I often find that I get behind reading the blogs I follow. I was getting terribly uptight about it. But I have relaxed somewhat. I find it helps to jot down my thoughts and ramblings anyway. Sometimes they make it in to the blog. Mostly they don't. Come and go as you see fit. We will always be here.
    Have a great summer!
    Leanne xx

  12. Blog when you are inspired and when you have a minute! We'll be waiting!

  13. That caravan is amazing! What fun.

    And I agree with Leanne, we blog for our pleasure not as a kind of self punishment, so don't beat yourself up about just going with the flow :)

  14. The garland is lovely, as are your photographs. Well done on the declutter and for taking a break. Have a lovely Sunday. :)

  15. Funny how the desire to blog ebbs and flows with our lives, I feel this post. I always blog less in the summer months because I would rather be outside pottering about than inside and you already know that I too have been decluttering. So much stuff has gone to the dump, to the charity shop, in the bin, I love it, the house feels lighter, brighter and so much good energy has started to flow that I'm not entirely sure how to keep up :) ps. love the peony (oh my!) xx