crochet on a summers day....

Well it's so hot here today that my brain has turned to mush and I thought it might be a good time to blog. Being that it has been about 3 weeks since my last post and perhaps the heat will melt any blocks that I seem to have. 

Today is the hottest July day on record. 36.7degrees at Heathrow. There's talk of possible thunder storms on their way tonight. I'm doing my weather presenter thing again! The crochet was from yesterday, so far it's been too hot to crochet today.

The other day I heaved my old swing seat out from under the exploding bamboo plant it seemed to be supporting and decided it needed to be used as a seat. I had to find an old mattress, cover it with cushions and a nice sheet and put it in a shady corner. I realize you can't really see all that here. But anyway, summer with a swing seat will be good, especially as I think we really will mainly be holidaying here this year. 

Although yesterday a bird dared to poop on my lovely sheet, whilst my back was turned, so leaving crochet casually strewn around is not a good idea. Thankfully it was not on the crochet!

This is my view of the climbing rose, so I can't complain! Isn't it lovely. Smells good too. I also have a rather huge and wonderful new bird table to show you soon, made for me by the teen as part of his woodwork lessons. We just need to varnish it and then think of some fun decorations, I'm sure he won't mind!

And the lovely common is truly in it's sweet place right now. All the meadow grasses and wild flowers. Beautiful. Like a painting. I feel very lucky to have this view. I don't feel so land locked I think because I can see the river in the distance, which is kind of coast line really being at the top of the Bristol Channel. I expect it's a little cooler at the coast today, perhaps.

It's been early starts this week, tying to beat the heat. I'm up walking here by 7.15 with the dog. By the time we're back at the car it's almost too hot. Although 2 and half weeks ago it looked like this

It always feels good to come back and blog....I don't know how the summer's going to go. I'm still really in the process of de-cluttering my life and also hoping to expand my shop and keep on making.
I have forever de-cluttered my clothes and my books. I've probably halved those now. The real job that I keep putting off is to sort out my photos, both in albums and on-line. I think I will feel considerably lighter once I've done those. And of course there's the daily dramas to negotiate.

I've decided to turn off comments, once I've worked how. We all have to try things out and find our happy place on here. I'm going to try it out, maybe for the summer. It's just to simplify things, which is really where I'm at at the moment. I need to step out from the spiral of expectation and hopefully things will feel simpler for you too.

So I am just trying it, following my intuition. I am quietly on instagram too. Maybe we will have a chat there, or flickr or facebook. So many choices!

Have a lovely summer, going to go and share the fan with the dog now.

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