hello autumn world....

Oh here I am...back again, and it's Autumn :-)

How lovely. I've had a bit of time to reflect and review. 
To work out what I'm doing and how I want to carry on.

I have two pages of notes, but I think I just need to sum it up instead and say,
I still want to be here.

Three and a half years on. 
Two hundred and twenty three posts later. 
A few strange what an earth was I thinking of posts, (all still there!)
I like it here.

But I can't step back into it in the way that I was.
I can't step back into the spiral of blog reading.

I find myself spending much less time on-line. 
It's been a bit of a habit to break.

I feel like I'm getting to know me again.
Discovering blogs and blogging came at a time when I really needed it.
I always wanted to create a little business,
and I really want to put my energy there.
Which I guess means making things and doing shop things :-)
So this is what I plan to do.
I hope you understand.

I think there will be more tales to tell,
but it's definitely important to step back and watch the world go by now and again.

Blogging has helped define who I am, 
helped me to see what was already there, with new eyes.
Helped me to see what I want to move towards, 
and brought untold amounts of inspiration.

and I know that whatever that may be, 
it will contain a little bit of everyone I've ever met and enjoyed something of.
And that's the beautiful thing about creative glimmers and life evolving.

Thanks for reading and commenting along the way.


  1. How lovely you are back!! I have thought about you at times and hoped the time away would give you a compass.
    Lovely pictures :) best wishes x

  2. It's good that you are back, like you I've been struggling keeping up with my blog reading, good luck with you ventures
    Clare x

  3. I love reading your new thoughts!!!!! Keep going !!!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

  4. I can relate to everything you have said here Blogging helped me to in a time in my life when I was a single parent it opened up my world and helped me to follow my dreams into the world of Vintage from my first blog I wrote for 5 years I was able to meet like minded people in person who have now become firm friends in real life and it also led me into running my own Vintage Fairs and helped my confidence. Its a great place to be when you need it or need help in reflection or just being inspired again. Its also good to take a break to as I did myself. At the end of the day your little space will always be here when you need it unless you hit the delete button of course but please don't do that. Good luck with your next chapter, dee x

  5. Lovely to see a post from you. I'm wishing you every success with your business. CJ xx

  6. I think we can all relate to this in some sense or another, it's really difficult getting that balance. The most important thing is to d what is right for us though we are all different, it's hard not to compare with others but everyone's situation is different.
    Love Gem x x x

  7. Twas only thinking about you the other day. Glad to see you are still here x

  8. Hurrah! I'm glad you will be keeping up with your blog!

  9. Hurrah! I'm glad you will be keeping up with your blog!

  10. I'm glad that you are working things out for yourself. I have changed my blogging and feel much better for it, hope that you will feel the same too. Good luck with your business! xx

  11. Love this, Heather! So glad you have more clarity now- that's what is needed in order to move forward.

  12. Lovely to see you back, and I too share your current mood. Blogs brought bright things & people into my life when living remotely and feeling a little alone & lost on the path. It is so nice that we all helped one another in ways that were needed. I love your images today, and your blog has been an inspiration. Wishing you all the best in all of your life, and hoping that you will return from time to time and share things with us. x

  13. Welcome back and well done for spending less time online - it's a battle as you say. Your words and photos are beautifully calming so it'll be lovely when you do pop in and say hello. Good luck with everything xo

  14. How lovely to find a post from you in my reader Heather. I do understand about stepping back, I've done a bit of that myself this summer. But I found that some of the connections I'd made became harder to sustain when I was busy elsewhere so I have put a system in place that stops it all becoming too much but that also keeps me in touch with people. I hope wherever your equilibrium is you too have found it now, or that you find it really soon. And good luck with that business x

  15. Lovely to see a post from you this morning! It can be hard to find a balance when it comes to the online world. I'm so glad you seem to have done so. Looking forward to seeing where you go from here. :-)

  16. I'm feeling exactly the same. Cutting down on my use of the internet and concentrating on our gallery and my creative work.
    Jacqui x

  17. Love what you said about blogging. I find a perfect way to release expression and in a perfect format.Mark-pict.blogspot.com. Kind regards, Mark.


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