summer here so far.....

Hello, I just thought I'd pop by. I don't want to leave my blog for too long, so here's a little update of some favourite shots from the last couple of weeks.

My breakfast. Yes all Japanesey style!

A delicate white rose in the garden. Soft and dreamy!

Watching the evening sun at the end of the garden with the dancing fairies.

Golden hour.

A beautiful rose in all it's stages.

Looking through the impossible tree.

Watching the pair of circling kestrel's every day on the common.

and enjoying the sweet meadow grasses.

A colourful Portishead Marina, Bristol, on a summers day. A fairly near home adventure.

The life-boat ramp, I just love this shot. Lets launch!

Simple treasures from the river estuary. So very lovely.

Just a simple summer wave here from me. I hope August brings some lovely things for you. Keeping this space simple feels like the right thing for me to do right now, I hope you understand. I'm just feeling a kind of warm happy glow about this simple blogging, so I'm going to go with that!

Sunshine smiles from me to you.