photo diary

Hello, hello....I thought I would make it back here before I did. The time slipped away. January slipped away, and here we are in Febuary already. But I have been using my camera, hurrah! In fact it's all I've been using. So the blogger that I aspire to be, I must bring the photos here and tell you a little of life around here.

little blooms in my yard
This photo takes me back to my last post on instagram. At least several weeks ago now. Something happened for me around that time. My phone was threatening to combust if I took another photo. It was full and I found I just wasn't using my old camera, and I had begun to feel as though I had just lost a year on instagram, as wonderful as it is.

very strange gluten free muffins
I had just made these blueberry muffins. I was really excited because after several months of gluten free eating, I was finally baking. On the first day of eating the taste was lost in a frenzy of coconut cream and jam and photo opportunities. The next day I realized just how awful they were and how much lovely ingredients I had wasted making them, and after eating them I didn't feel good either.

What has this to do with instagram you might ask?....I can't tell you exactly, but I wondered just how many more awful moments, crappy makings, dire recipes, were disguised on there! How easy it was to hide the truth, in just a photo. And I wondered why I want to lose time from my life, reading about them, and if I might have had enough for a while. I know it can be an inspiring and entertaining place, and I still think about the people I met there. So I won't say never.

But I was definitely addicted to my phone. I think most of us these days are struggling with an on-line addiction of some kind. Something else I realized was that I don't think it would matter if you had a million follows or 10. The addiction is the same. It's like you either smoke or you don't smoke. It's what you do to relax. Before you do that thing, after you do that thing, instead of doing that thing. Once you start using, it seeps into everything you do, every free moment. Instagram is shaping your life, you are not.

Really I just don't think I'm supposed to be there. I think I'm supposed to be doing something else. I'm not missing anything either, It's just that simple.

I just want to tell you that those first few days, I felt liberated. Like I had finally taken my day and my power back. That wears off of course, as you create the new norm. But I have been so much more productive. My thinking feels different. I occasionally just sit and think, allow thoughts to reach me in a way they couldn't before. I craft, I still take photos on my camera. I read the blogs I still follow, mainly through email now.

Things like instagram and facebook are used a lot, by people in business to drive traffic to their website or shop. It is the social media buttons for something else, their real work. That's how I see it. To just get stuck there, is not what I want. I know a few are there to just spread a little happiness around in that corner of the web, and that's fine too. I just want to do my real work. I'm still working on that ;-) and then maybe I will fling out a few ig posts, just to celebrate that. So I have planted a few flowers there and left them to grow a while.

frost on the common
Well okay, that was definitely a rant. Should I stop there, or just keep going?!..... I will lighten things up. So January, well it was cold! We had some frosty days, a little snow, some mist and fog. A cough which kept me of the common and walking in the warmer bottom of the valley. A whole load of soups, warmth and self-care has been the order of the day.

a gift of socks
I was bowled over by a gift of hand made socks from an on-line friend on flickr. They are so comfy and special, and I must, must learn, how to make them!

drippy trees
There's been some lovely photo opportunities. I carry my camera everywhere, so I don't miss them!

handmade hats
Two hats have been made. I loved working with the pinks, and it's a fun hat. But I think 'slouchy beanie' is not quite the right look for me! I treated myself to some luxury yarn for my next hat, and oh my, what a difference, and I love it. I will show you soon.

blue sky and seed pods
Oh yes, spotted blueskies. Always noteworthy in Jan. So pretty against last years seed pods.

At home. Landlady duties here ramped up this month. A couple left and one was away for 6 weeks, so I found myself constantly checking heating and worrying about frozen pipes. But all was well and some changes are definitely afoot. I don't blog about everything of course, and there are perhaps some missing parts to the picture you see here. But I share what feels right. I often used to blog about how a situation made me feel, even if not all the details. Looking back some of my posts felt a little heavy I guess. And life is still not perfect, but looking up I think.

It feels good to be here. I hope your still here too. Give me wave. Onwards and upwards as they say!



  1. A beautiful wintery photo of the common, such a stunning view. I loved the socks, such a great gift. I, too would love to be able to knit socks.

  2. I follow people on Instagram, looking at it most days, but have never posted anything myself. I have also found that when I have had the odd day here and there without looking at any social media, I have felt so much better not just emotionally but physically too, less tired or drained even. I read books a lot less than I used too and I miss that so I've decided to give up Instagram and blogs for a few days a week so that I can get back into reading. I look forward to continuing to read your blog and wish you well.

    1. Thank you. I love my books too. There is so much more time in a day now to do these other things. I'm slowly finding myself back on course again. This brings me a huge feeling of relief. X

  3. Hope you find the right balances for you.

  4. I liked seeing this post from you so much.
    Since our new President got sworn in, I have been having difficulty gathering myself together to actually write a blog post, and have found IG sort of a handy accessible place. I see the benefits of having access to both mediums. Have yet to see the benefit of the new President.

  5. Thank you Frances, I wish I could think of some clever advice about that new president, but I can't. The only thing to say is that we are along for the ride with you. X


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