sunday coffee stop

Sunday: teenager playing airsoft in Bristol. I'm the driver. He needs the stress busting exercise. I need the self-imposed free time. To wander with the dog. Drink coffee here and there. Follow my thoughts and fall asleep in the car if I so fancy.

I found this place made of huge old containers from shipping, next to the harbourside. It was full of dogs and their peoples...I was happy I had followed my gut and walked the way I did. Who wants to leave their dog outside in the cold, when they could be lolling around on a rug in here...

There was a red suitcase on display....I'll remember to look inside it next time, maybe give it a little dust on top ;-)

I said no the gluten free cake because it had sugar in it and then I ate the fudge that came with the coffee, so I could have had the cake. I got toppled. I wished I'd eaten the date and cashew nut bar in my bag instead, but you know I am not perfect. My not perfect habits have changed a lot though.

Wishing you a happy Wednesday folks.



  1. It looks good - I love that you found a suitcase! I hope you're well. x

  2. These photographs, and the meter of your text, have such a good relaxed atmosphere. Isn't it grand to discover a pleasant place to spend some time, a place you didn't know before? xo

  3. How appropriate for you...the red suitcase.


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