the week after camping.....

well the first thing I absolutely had to do after my camping trip
was move the furniture around in the living room!
life had just felt so much simpler living in a tent in a field.
with a break from the technology too....

I had just been waiting for my moment to do it,
so a huge tidy and de-clutter is in progress.
things being moved from one room to the next
 until finally into the garage or off to the charity shop.

the boot of my car is now full,
it really is a process all this moving and clearing,
 and yes I think it's going to extend to the whole house.

Clear   space    feels   so   good!

Here is my lunch time reading,
modern vintage style,
lots of great ideas and some lovely vintage crochet.

I have been counting my blessings in the garden too,
and believe me vegetable wise, there aren't many of them!!
It was either the weather or a complete lack of any attention from me.....
I will try harder next year,
and I might still try and grow some more salads and kale for the winter.
It's nice to have something green to eat straight out the garden.

I have been wearing my yellow sunshine ring,
I love it,
sometimes I get some funny looks......
but it really does ask to be worn when the sun is out.

I have finally brought new beach inspired towels, the pebbles are in my garden!!
I am really enjoying this sea foam colour.
It seems to be popping up all over the place......

sweet little jug found on holiday and some vintage buttons.

a very politically incorrect globe! found whilst thrifting,
I enjoyed watching the olympic opening ceremony
it was hypnotic. when I looked at the time that evening it was 1.40am.
I thought the clocks had broken!!
it was a global event,
but a very british ceremony, not sure that everybody got it,
Mr.Bean was hysterical.......!

enjoying this lovely pink geranium sitting in my blue jug,
lovely combination of colours,

and finally enjoying my new mug of coffee and flowers on the go!!
I love painted enamel flowers,
I have wanted one every since I saw this on tales from cuckoo land,
fortunately this appeared half price in the sale at the local camping shop.

I seem to rush around with one of these a lot......

what are you finally managing to get to now the holidays are here?



quietly camping

hello! I'm back,
this was my little corner of the world for three days!
lovely to have a break and with gorgeous weather too.
this was my summer reading, 
three magazines, elle, country living and red magazine, all for around six pounds,
can't say fairer than that!

the sun was lovely, but there is nothing I like better than a quiet corner with dappled sunlight under the trees.....blissfull!

this was my view of the oak tree leaves,
a lovely little campsite in kent,
it was really all I needed,
I had three nights before I needed to pick up my son again, so it was so nice to turn that time into a holiday......

of course I also managed to fit in some other things.......

a visit to Ightham mote, a national trust property,
have a look at that dog house there!

and several wanderings in the beautiful woods at Oldbury fort.
the deep peace in these woods was so very needed......
we discover this amazing oak tree
and passers by let us know it is called the holey holy tree.

and of course no holiday would be complete without some thrifting,
this was found in the nearby antique and collectors market held at Detling.
an absolutely huge and hot event which we drooped around,
happily leaving with this crochet cushion (yes another!!)
This is now brightening up the back seat of my car, along with my lovely thrifted blue blanket which travels with me,

always have a crochet blanket at the ready, that's what I say.......
another lovely purchase was also made,
something I have wanted for a long time, I will be showing you more of that soon,
enjoy this weekend,
hope you find a lovely spot in the sun or shade!



determined to be summery!

after seeing the sun on sunday morning,

 I set out to walk the dog feeling determindly summery!

I wore my cotton dress, my sandals, some suncream on my face, with high hopes
 of summer sun.....

I also carried my brolly, and had my mac and wellies in the car!

.....after all,

this is the british summer we are talking about.

we are ready for anything!

I love the canal, there is something about walking by the water that's just instantly relaxing,

 and I seem to walk along yawning.

It tried to be sunny, but basically it was overcast.......

but it didn't matter.

I enjoy seeing the different boats and the colours and names they have been given.

Lots of boats going up and down.

.......it looks great fun.

this is my favourite "dutch barge"

all board!.....i wish.......

look the clogs, do you remember them?

they have flowers in them now!

stopping at a garden centre on the way home

I took some pictures and feeling frugal..... 

 decided the flowers were just for looking at!

I even went home and made my own coffee

sometimes home is best.......

this weekend I am off on an adventure,

 camping in kent.

kent weather says it's going to be......


I am an optimist

I'll go with that.....

hope you are managing to grab your moments too!

enjoy the weekend,



this blue jug

I just love this blue jug.

There's something about it.....

Something about its shape and the glaze,

 and the colour,

It says made in japan at the bottom.

It feels japanese......just a bit different.

perhaps the polka-dots are unusual for japan?

I like it a lot.

on the subject of blue,

I spied these flowers whilst walking the other day.

 amazing flowers growing in gardens,

luckily I had my camera .....

I have called them heavenly blues and purple wows!

not their real names of course!

it's doing quite well at being sunny today,

more blue skies please!



teen room makeover

well last week found me working very hard in here. It was time for the teen room makeover! My son is almost fourteen now. This room used to be pumpkin orange! which was bright and exciting for a while, but now the walls are a warm grey colour and phew... it feels like a huge relief!

 I used welcome 181, by the little greene paint co.  It's an eco friendly water based paint, with low voc. It feels a bit more durable than some eco paints, which really haven't lasted very long before chipping off. This is the wipeable matt. it's great to be able to decorate and then sleep in the room that night.

I think the red lights look great against the grey and luckily we already had the red rugs. I just need to order a new white dim-out blind. The window is over two metres and I can't find any blinds to fit. Oh and a wall full of posters is on the agenda too! So I thought i`d take some pictures before it becomes covered in zombie posters....yikes! There is a great choice of posters at the PopArtUK Poster shop.

 The filing cabinett was a lucky thrifted find......and yes the crochet blanket was made by me, over last winter. I absolutely loved making this granny stripe blanket. I just did not want to stop, so it's actually very long and covers the whole bed! It just adds that all important retro feel and cozyness.

 I have very high hopes for this blanket and I hope it will accompany him all through life.....it's handwash, 100% merino wool and I've already told him countless times that it will probably have to be washed in the bath and then layed out to dry on a hot day!....do not put it in the washing machine!!....but it does make for a lovely soft and warm blanket indeed.

The shelves we previously had from ikea. I thought we might paint them or spray them but they are still ok adding a bit of colour and fun. The angry bird is essential kit! oh and the door needs re-hanging (don't ask!)......there is also a lot of talk about laptops and ipads going on.....there is a birthday coming up soon.

I don't know about you but I just love transforming a space. I know it doesn't solve all of lifes problems, but its got to help, and it feels good to be in a clear, fresh, de-cluttered room that's for sure! just wonder how long it will stay like that....as for the stuff that came out, it's all in the loft. Difficult to part with precious things so I guess that's a job for another day.

.... I think he's very lucky don't you? he's also got a pretty decent sized room. Just this morning I read about a family of 11 children, triple bunk beds an all! The family share 4 computers, they are home-schooled oh and the mum writes a blog! we have enough trouble sharing one computer between two!

Hope the weekends been good for you,



the wool basket

the wool basket by my little red suitcase
the wool basket, a photo by my little red suitcase on Flickr.
isn't it nice when you get the wool all tidied up and ready to start again? hmm what next?



aren't the poppies gorgeous at the moment? I think this is a poppy, it's certainly from the poppy family and was definitely worth jumping out the car for! divine!
I saw these on my drive to the common, where I walk my little dog.
I go here everyday at the moment and I'm really loving it. It's my escape. Time to breathe out and think, or actually just to be walking, feeling expansive and taking in the view. I love a view.....
each day I am greeted by a different personality, some days it's bright and breezy, and some days dark and moody. But it's always good....
The view of the town below and the rolling countryside is lovely. I'm a surburn girl from the surburbs of London. I grew up in the land of three bedroom semis, parks and shopping centres. I do love a nice park as well! It was very flat and I couldn't have imagined living anywhere else.
I found my way here 10 years ago after visiting a friend who I had met while travelling around india. When you are up on the common it feels as though you could be in so many different places or countries. I think that's one of the reasons I like it so much. The town is colourful and vibey, with lots of creative happenings.....
I don't think i'd ever worn a pair of wellies until I moved here! Not as a grown up anyway......
There's a lot of wet welly wearing here at the moment.
I love this patch of pink flowers, I seem to notice it every day. I've just discovered it's wild thyme, it really does smell of thyme. So now i have a new life skill, I can identify wild thyme! I'll probably leave it to the cows though.....
we have our favoutite places though. I love this thicket of trees leading down to a bench where you can take in the view of the river severn winding its way up through Gloucestershire, with a wave over to the Forest of Dean and Wales beyond.   
check out this heart tree. Isn't it fantastic? It's an impossible tree. Empty and leaning, but still standing and its huge base is shaped like a heart. It feels special this tree.... Like a special druid place where offerings of  flowers should be left.
I,m still trying to identify which kind of tree it is by looking at the leaves. I think it could be some kind of elm, but i'm not sure.
the meadow grasses are growing, and i'm enjoying watching the wild flowers emerging. It feels as though the earth is wearing a big, beautiful, breathing flowery dress. 
nature wears it best don't you think.......
many days now through the summer we meet the cows, as they are allowed to roam here through the summer months. most times we just wander by, sometimes they act a bit erratic and we dart by quite quickly. I know not to get between the young cows and their mother!
they are so beautiful....just happy letting the world go by.
so easy.
I love this dramatic picture taken one evening. I've just started going up there in the evening as well. The sun is different. I love the light glimmering over the river in the distance. The landscape is different. The river feels timeless and pre-historic. I feel lost in time...I can imagine long boats and vikings sailing up the river to the different settlements along the way....it's amazing.
back home we go, where soft blankets await our return. I hope you are managing to enjoy the great out-doors too. 



keeping me happy today

yes who can beat it, flowers and crochet, are cheering my life up at the moment! what with all this rain, I think they are really needed. Well we live in hope of the summer happening, again, after our brief encounters with it last month.

I am especially enjoying the rambling rose on the common. The grass is so long there now it is like one giant meadow to walk through. The cows are enjoying it too. During certain months of the year it is free land and the farmers allow their cows to roam. It's always entertaining when they decide to cross the road, on mass!

The flowers on my table this week. I love the feverfew? is that the name? The small white daisy like flowers. There is a mass of it looking pretty against my shed at the moment. I must go and get a picture....

.....well this week, life at my little red suitcase has found me visiting a new school as a possibilty for my son, who has spent the last year at home. oh boy, fingers crossed he will come back and visit it with me next week!

 He is 13 and found the first year of secondary school pretty difficult. This school is a drive away, but smaller, only 400, as opposed to 1500! at our local comprehensive.

 The headmaster was inspiring, realistic and willing to try and really seem to know all of the children there and their stories. So hopefully we will try there in september, otherwise it will be back to our version of home-schooling.....

hope the week goes well for you and the sun pops out to say hello, otherwise it's more muddy boots and a wet dog!