Wednesday, 16 January 2013

My creative space

Well it's January and the sun is shining here, and it's also freezing cold!
and the corners of my house are beginning to call me, to clean and tidy, and remember them.

today was my day for going to the gym..... remember my list of things......and yes I still need to tell you more about that, but although I was going to the gym, I cleaned my craft room instead. Oh yes, much more fun!

Not a deep, deep clean, but a shine and moving around of the the piles which have grown and need to find homes!

I know to have a craft room is a luxury. For as long as I can remember I have carted around at least a small room full of creative and craft things..... I'm not quite sure how to apply my word for the year, CLEAR, to all of this. I guess the worktops are clear and that will have to do for now!

This is the place where I can remember what lovely wools and materials I have, what I want to make, and have a read through my notes and inspiration boards. Of course a lot of crochet takes place on the couch, but this is the place where I use my sewing machine and cut and play with fabric. The plan is to spend more time doing this and less time in front of screen!  

I remember the first person I ever met who had a craft room. I was hugely inspired by this creative lady who made having a creative space an absolute priority. She simply had to make things, even in the midsts of a busy life. How amazing to have this space, I thought, an official space for creating, surely many things will happen!.... but you still need to find your way there, especially when other areas of your life are calling as well. Life has to happen too, I know. I will experiment to see how I can fit my creative life in in a more regular way.

When do you craft? I know as the creative beings we are we are always crafting our way through life really. Do you have a craft space? even if it's a little cubby hole under the stairs! I do hope so,