Monday, 25 March 2013

Love and hate

I don't know about you but love and hate exist in my life right now. That might sound a bit strong, but true.
It's the great paradox of life.

Sometimes you have to fully express one to be able to reach the other. Dark and light, yin and yang. In the Tao, they would say one cannot exist without the other. Each force contains the seed of the other. And one can become the other.

I hope this is true.

and so I must remember this when I'm banging my fists against the proverbial wall. You can't force people to change. I know this. I have learn't this the hard way. All I can do is step back and hold up my light, and sometimes my dark. Because both forces reside here. And sometimes there can be found a point of balance between both, which allows both, and knows both to be true. Here. Now.

We have had an unusually slow awakening this spring in the northern hemisphere. A couple of false starts. Moments of breakthrough and then back into the warmth and covering. (hiding) I feel an empty space, waiting to be filled with new things, a longing. But still withdrawing as the cold now demands I do.

I must be patient. The breakthroughs will come.

This is a picture of my Magnolia tree, how it will look. It's buds are still tightly wrapped, and that is how it is right now.

We have been long in our burrows this year. Creativity is bubbling quietly in the inner warmth, waiting for it's grand moment.

I experienced a love hate relationship with my last piece of work. It was a strange thing. I will show you, but not today. Now I am happily re-instated with my mass of colourful wools and enjoying them very much.

For I am filling this space with colour and hoping for some other things.

I have decided to drop 52 weeks of happy. Other ideas come into my mind instead. I will probably still do happy posts now and again. (I do hope so!) there may be commitment issues amongst other things.....! If I start following a perscription I can find myself only thinking about things in one way. So sorry to Jen and all the others. It can be a great way to catch those moments in the busy world of family life.

I hope your inner warmth is bubbling with good things!