Wednesday, 3 April 2013

spring days and a give-away!

This weekend found me enjoying soft blue skies, a gentle breeze and sunshine. The earth feels like it's beginning to warm itself, the ground feels like it's softening. I walked along with a spring in my step. It's still blimmin freezing mind, but with the six or so different layers I'm wearing and some sunshine, it's really rather nice.

My mud encrusted boots have been exchanged for something soft and spring like, and so I really am springing along now. Feels good. The ground feels softer and more yielding.

On easter sunday I watched kites flying on the common. I think kite flying would make a great easter sunday tradition. If you have a breeze and hill you can't go wrong! That said, some of them were huge and looked like they needed a bit of mastery.....  

At home you can see that the easter hare (old and much loved) has brought chocolate and goodies.

The basket was for my teen, who of course also had a big chocolate egg. I must have done something right as I won myself a spontaneous hug! not bad for someone who's actually not that keen on chocolate! I think he realizes the easter basket is just humouring me. I found it in the attic. It's been washed although a little mouse has been nibbling at the ribbon I think!

Other march delights, cupcakes! Here's the proof I made them, all gone now.


And so we are into April. I starting my blogging journey last April, it's almost been a year now. I have been making spring garlands and I thought it would be nice to have a spring give-away. I wanted to say thank you for following me on my little adventures and creative endeavours! So if you would like a spring garland to decorate with, wherever you are in the world, leave me a message at the end of this post.

Speaking of crochet flowers, have you seen this wonderful Brazilian lady Lidia Luz, who makes the most amazing bright crochet flowers and decorations. Her pictures are full of light and colour, in the most positive way. You can see her pictures here and also here. I love the way she uses real flowers and icons in her work, it does feel as though her mission is to bring love, peace and light through her work. 

I hope April brings you good things. Don't forget to leave a message if you would like to enter the give-away. I'll pick a name out the hat in a week or so.

until then, have a good week