Friday, 10 May 2013

mandala making

today I found myself in an unfocused haze,

 the different threads of my life I was following seemed to to be out of my reach.

all those details, plans, momentum, lost in the ether.

a change of plan and quite honestly, too much time on pinterest, 

still important things happened, but my clarity and direction seemed to be flung wide open.

So many threads, all important,

but I found my way back to this.

very soothing, very easy, very intuitive.

I have always loved mandalas, of all different kinds,

from the patterns on the beautiful moroccan tiles, to the delicate crochet and mandala artwork.

and I've always wanted a mandala drawing book......

apparently a mandala contains all possibilities inside and outside of us,

and creating a mandala is a way of opening ourselves up to these possibilities,

and can help us become more focused when we feel scattered.

sometimes i think confusion and chaos, and the unexpected, is life's way of throwing us wide open,

so that other new possibilities can appear,

this of course could be a good thing,

sometimes i fear i won't find my way back to all my threads and that somehow i'll have to begin again.

and for some reason that's really worrying!

I can start to resemble a hamster on a wheel, trying to keep up with them all.

sometimes surrender is the only option!


this mandala will eventually become a cushion, 

i'm enjoying it's roundness, 

i'm sure there will be many more!