Sunday, 5 May 2013


Tea revives the soul don't you think?

In China and Japan it is custom to drink tea with food. Warm tea, not boiling hot.
It is believed that warmth is needed to support digestion.

In fact the idea of drinking a very cold drink with food or at any time is considered detrimental to health, as is very hot food and drink.

Think about the warm drinks given to babies to help their digestion.

In Chinese medicine it is believed that the process of digestion is linked to the process of the mind and thinking, and that if one is out of balance it can effect the other.

Therefore over-thinking, worrying, the process of taking in too much information can upset digestion.
A poor digestion can leave the mind feeling fuzzy, heavy and over-loaded.

Creating a feeling of space and a clear mind helps digestion.
The warmth of the tea supports this.

Really, try it.....

Recently I have re-discovered my herbal teas. I have been drinking Jasmine tea or Peppermint tea with my food and I swear it's addictive, and a great reason to use all those found and pretty china cups.

I make the pot with a third cold water and then add hot. So it's ready to drink with my meal.
And it's really nice. Even when it's a hot day. It's really quite refreshing!

All I need now is a pretty Japanese tea pot, and more moments gazing up at my magnolia tree.

I hope you manage to find some space around all the different things calling this weekend. More about this idea another time.