Sunday, 28 April 2013

Reasons to be cheerful.....

(Warning, this post may contain flowers, crochet, chocolate and suitcases!)

Isn't it wonderful how just putting together a post can be enough to help us see the cheerful things around us? There's something about the process of blogging that enhances life and makes me notice more the good things. And it lifts you up. It becomes a little bit part of who you are. And we need that don't we?

The whole sequence of photographing, editing, and loading photos to flickr, where I can see them altogether, on display, in a colourful group, is very satisfying in it's self. Things change and evolve as I learn more. I like the cheerful reminders pictures bring us.

Okay, so here are my reasons to be cheerful........,

1. Sunlight dancing through beautiful soft, pink blossom in the park. Makes my heart soar after this long cold winter.

2. Blue skies, the promise of a gorgeous sunny day on the top of the common.

3. The wild flowers growing here in April.

4. At home experimenting with pattern and colour, I'm really enjoying my hobby!

5. Wandering around my garden now it's spring. The red tulips are divine, such a gorgeous colour, and the Daffs, well, they're just magic. So many pretty kinds have been planted here.

6. Little glimpses of cabin life as I wander by. Looks like someone has an admirer!

7. A beautiful and unusual Japanese style blossom tree outside the cabin, so pretty.

8. The last Easter egg! Yes, I like white problem there then :)

9. Another cushion on it's way. I'm always ridiculously thrilled to send a cushion from my etsy shop on it's travels!

10. My new thrifted, blue suitcase. In mint condition for three pounds! Just look at the inside! and it's now become a great storage place for my shop items.

11. Birthday flowers for me. Aren't they heavenly! Simple is best right.

12. Another year older and wiser. Thank goodness for pic monkey editing.....!  I like dusk!

This week looks like it will be a challenging week for us. Several quite important things need thinking about and new decisions will maybe need making in the not to distant future. I'm just trying to keep steady here. Really there are so many good things. When the time is right I think we will be able to embrace them more so, and enter into the spirit of things with more gusto. For now it's just a time of holding this space and moving slowly through the challenges. But life is good and there are so many reasons to be cheerful.

Have a lovely week.