Thursday, 2 January 2014


I've given my little etsy shop a little nudge and a shake and woken it up for the new year!

I've told it it's no use sitting there looking pretty, it's time to hang up the sale banners and throw a little action into the works.

if there's anything that might have caught your eye.

sorry for the blatant use of advertising!

hope the colourful pictures make up for it.

I can make crochet heart messages if you let me know which ones you would like.
You can choose how many you would like
and the pattern too!

yummy vintage sheet stash bundles.

and more gorgeous patterns to come soon :-) 

A little bit of fun colour to brighten up a corner perhaps........

Be happy! Yay!
I can crochet any banner that you would like.
Nice and light to send in the post.

On new years day I dream't that someone had said, 'oh so your getting married!'
I didn't really have that in mind, when I choose the word 'commit'!

So a my little red suitcase sale here
15 % off for the whole of January,
you can use this coupon, NEWYEARSALE2014,
If you would so like.
Thanks for looking!


  1. Thanks for the mouth watering preview! I am over to your Etsy shop now . . . !

  2. happy new year . your work is lovely hx

  3. Beautiful creations and pictures, Heather! I very much like your eye for colour!

    Happy, peaceful and creative New Year to you and your loved ones.


  4. Hi Heather. I loved browsing your photos. So pretty! I love the hearts with the positive messages. Could I have 3 with 'be happy' , 'life is good' and 'time for tea' please. In pink, purple and turquoise ish colours if poss? Shall I order from your etsy shop or direct from you here? Thanks, Maggie xx

    1. Thanks Maggie, I have made a custom order for you on etsy, you can use the coupon! X

  5. Happy New Year Heather. As always I love your crochet, the colours are stunning. Sarah xo

  6. What a beautiful news!
    Happy new year Dear Heather...

  7. That pale blue cushion is beautiful, Happy New Year x

    1. thank you kindly. It's actually a pale grey colour! x

  8. How sweet are these....all so beautiful!!

  9. I have seen first hand your work, thank you so much Heather, the heart was perfect and the broach so lovely!!! And I love love love the fabric! I will have my heart ornament hanging in my apartment year round. Much love to you and a very happy New year... Tammy x

  10. Lovely things! Happy New Year!! :) Hugs, Holly

  11. Lovely things - thanks for sharing! Can I ask, is the crochet cushion (top) white or cream? :)

    1. it's a very pale cream. I could make a true white cover if you would like. Let me know. x

  12. Wow, beautiful creations, I love the colours you use so bright and fresh! I am popping over to your Etsy shop now, good luck with your sales. Tracy

  13. Now that would be a thing ... if our words for the year led to things like 'happy ever after'! Who knows ... 2014 could have surprises in store for you you can't yet imagine :)

  14. You are very talented and your makes are gorgeous - you should shout them from the rooftops! I hope January business is brisk for you. xx


Thank you for your comments. X