Saturday, 1 February 2014


It's been a while. The time went by. I become a reader, and I enjoy that. I try to wait until I feel moved to write here. To feel what I want to say. To feel the inspiration arrive. It's like a little challenge for me, to wait until it happens. And it always does. Even when I think it won't. So the time has gone by, and January is  over and I've been thinking about home.

Right now, in this two person and one little dog family, home is very much where it's at. Our daily lives are here in the warmth of home. It's where we shelter, where we rest, where we play. Where we remember who we are. Where we dream up the new. Sometimes we need to do this for however long we need to before we are ready to step out again into life in a new way. It becomes our anchor.

Lately I have found myself trawling through forgotten boxes, dusting things down, bringing things in from the cold. Polishing, shining, remembering. Giving things center stage for a while, and receiving what they have to give us. We have to know that, everything that is in our lives, is part of our lives. Even the things pushed into cold unloved corners. We can bring them out into the light. Allow them a place. Let them warm up to the tempo of our lives now. For a while perhaps. Choosing what to keep, what to let go of. When to let go of it. Finding the message in their story. How they came to be here. What joy did they bring. What sadness. Seeing what is here, right now. Acknowledging. Making whole, sewing in all the lost and forgotten parts.
 This is the work of home.

a favourite piece of thrifted quilt
I think there is sometimes a difference between saving things and cherishing things. After all what are we saving them for? How do we really know they will be needed. We can't really see into the future. We save and store things, and they can become cold things in our lives. Or perhaps we don't know what to do with them, and they become a forgotten pile somewhere. I feel like I am in a process, letting it all be a part of us.

Thinking of ways to cherish, honor and acknowledge all the parts. Maybe making little memory tables, changing them around. Celebrating a moment of your life, or someone who has been a part of it.
A place you have been, an accomplishment. Remember who you were at different ages, school, college, first job, first boyfriend! Let that part work it's magic. It's all played a special part. Look for the lessons and learning in the difficult times.

Make a space, dedicate a whole room if you can, or just surround yourself in memories. Build them into your life. Appreciate them. Just like this family here have. Do watch this if you have a couple of minutes.


Aren't they sweet! I love the way they are sitting together, him with his typewriter, her with her sewing machine and clay work. Cherishing all the parts.

I think ultimately for me, it's not just about de-cluttering, it's about re-connecting, with all the different aspects of who we are and then making space for this in our life. Maybe I will end up with less stuff. But I feel sure I will find space for my life, creativity and new ideas.

Creating home is the most important thing I do. 


p.s. sorry if you have a problem with the vimeo! It was working and I think there is a problem with vimeo right now. Unless I have done something wrong! Hopefully it will come back on.If you click on the link below the film it may work!