just holding steady

In some ways I'm not sure of my roll here. I find myself quietly holding my space here and wondering,

wondering if I have what it takes to entertain you.....

wondering if 'entertain' is quite the right word!

I'm not sure that writing here is how I imagined it would be, in all the many months of blog reading I have done.

Lately I have been doing much reading and a little exploring. I have caught up with all the people I am following and others who are following me.

I am happy to be here, right now. Life is moving along and slowly we are moving forwards.

It's okay. This is my rythym. This is what I can do.

I worry that I may only be a reader and a dreamer of what I want to do.

Reading about other peoples lives has moved me to change parts of my life and want to create more.

My life has opened up.

Sometimes I feel a little stuck. I want to make things happen. I am looking for inspiration.

I'm not sure.

I'm not lost, just trying to trust that I'll find my way.

I'm not sure what my way is.

I need more 'YES' moments in my life. Yes this feels good moments.

I want to create.

I need to find out what makes me tick.

I need to meet more fun and creative people.

I miss my Mum. I miss her energy. She was my number one fan and support and a kind lady.

I think personally I have been on hold for a longtime.

I need to be okay with where I am now.

Maybe I need to be in the 'real' world a bit more.

I wonder if I can find the part of me you would like to read about, more to the point, that I would like to read about.....!

I feel that expressing what is true now is a good place to start.

Thanks for reading.

p.s. My 52 weeks of happy are in this post. Spotted on my travels this week. x



  1. you know, I feel just the same....
    is it because we are doing the same journey in our life, in this same moment,to?
    happy weekend, xxx Alessandra


  2. Dear Heather - a sensitive posting....this part of you is just fine.
    Best wishes

  3. I know that familiar feeling. I love your honest words; it's definitely a great place to start.
    Catherine Denton

  4. I really like my little visits to your world Heather, I think you create some beautiful things.....don't worry, we are all just finding our way, you'll get there, sometime just takes awhile that's all! Have a good weekend, get your toes around that lovely wood burner :) x

  5. I enjoy reading here, very much. Sometimes I wonder why people want to read but we just do. I feel it's like having people on my side, even if I don't actually know them, if that makes sense! X

  6. Hello,
    Do you think sometimes, we worry too much about what other people want from us?
    I beleive following your heart is always best?
    Thank you for this sweet post now I am pondering....
    Daisy J

  7. I like what you post just fine. And you can't always be moving forward - its ok to be a bit stuck in the now, it helps you focus on what's important and calms the mind. Maybe the fact that you've put how you feel down in words now will signal a new chapter and one where you'll feel more productive? Even if it doesn't, don't worry that your blog doesn't entertain - after all we wouldn't be here if we didn't want to read it! x

  8. Beautiful post. And you know what - we all totally feel the same way a LOT of the time. And from all these comments that you already have - well I think that says a lot about your blog - we like it! Keep writing, whatever, whenever, we'll keep reading. Have a lovely weekend. x

  9. It's true we all get these feelings, do what makes you and your family happy is my only advice. Sarah x

  10. A sweet post! Thanks for sharing your heart! Have a great weekend! xo Heather

  11. What a lovely truthful post ... I think we all feel like this sometimes ... but your posts are a pleasure to read, your blog is lovely and your makes are just beautiful ... be true to yourself, for that seems to be what we all love to read ... have a lovely weekend ... Bee xx

  12. thank you for all your great comments, what lovely people you are! Heather x

  13. I love your blog :) I like the way you write and your great photos, Im glad I found you :)

  14. Hi Heather. A little searching is a good thing. It will bring you to fresh inspirations, I am sure.

  15. Life's a journey and so's blogging and that's what makes us readers want to read more. We can help each other along the way xo

  16. You had me at the first photo!!!

  17. Hello, a sweet post....
    Its not the arriving but the journey that is the most important!
    I try to live by this rule.
    I had a chuckle at the first picture, just great.
    love Maria x

  18. Hi Heather, I love popping into your blog! And if we didn't live on opposite sides of the world, I'd love to pop in and say hello, have a cuppa and a chat and share a bit of crafting time together : -)

  19. I think we all feel much the same way, not always for sure, but often. All any of us can do is write what's there and as life has a way of never progressing quite as we'd planned we all have to roll with what comes our way. Just sharing that journey with people is interesting.

    And anyone who can post that first pic can absolutely entertain us, as clearly you do or we wouldn't be here telling you so. Just keep doing what you do Heather, it works for me :D

  20. Hi Heather,
    You need to trust that someone, somewhere knows where they are taking you and everything that happens, happens for a reason and makes you the person you are and where you are in your life. Obviously not easy at times but when I wonder where Im going or what Im doing I tell myself that there is a purpose behind it. Looking back over my last 15 years or so I know everything I have done has been to bring me to the point I am now at.
    Keep going and don't worry. Best wishes Nicky xxx
    Ps That doggy photo is brilliant!!!

  21. Hello Heather, thanks for your comment on my blog. That's very sweet.
    Your words above made me à little smaller.. This world is sometimes so complicated. And you always must work on yourself. Every one has à good advice and sweet words. But you must do it! And ofcourse you can! If you can tell us how you feel, well that's the biggest expression you make. And gives you many respect. Love your words, sweet greets, Martine (sorry for my worse english)